While the Finest Minds in the US Dribbled Basketballs

Keeping in mind that this object didn’t exist in our reality until a few days ago:


Just an afterthought, readers, to fill the gaps between the spectator sports, the Men Who Want to be King, and my own head-spinning attempts to establish clearly what’s not happening when.  

APRIL 1st ASTEROID FLYBY: Newly discovered near-Earth asteroid 2012 EG5 is flying past Earth today about halfway between Earth and the Moon. There’s no danger of a collision. At closest approach on April 1st, the Dreamliner-sized space rock will be about 230,000 km from Earth. This morning in Brisbane, Australia, amateur astronomer Dennis Simmons photographed the incoming asteroid.


The asteroid 2012 EG5 will pass close to Earth on Sunday morning at 5:32 a.m. EDT. 

Asteroid 2012 EG5 is about 150 feet wide. While it will pass within 0.6 lunar distances (143,000 miles) of Earth, NASA reports that there is no danger of the asteroid striking the Earth.

Astronomers discovered the asteroid on March 13 while searching for large space rocks close to earth.

A second asteroid, 2012 FA57 was discovered by astronomers on March 28. Asteroid 2012 FA57 will pass by Earth on April 4. It will safely pass outside of the moons lunar distance.

The asteroid 2012 EG5 will be the third asteroid to pass close by Earth within a week.

Two smaller asteroids pass by Earth on Monday. The closest asteroid 2012 FS35 passed within 36,000 miles.

These [other two] space rocks were small enough that they would not survive a trip through Earth’s atmosphere.

If more people would watch TV election rhetoric or spend more time watching spectator sports this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.  NASA and all those people looking at the sky are beginning to present a serious threat of creating something catastrophic happening.

A bunch of jockstraps  chasing one another around a stadium are comparatively harmless compared to what these folks are doing.  An asteroid the size of an airliner falling on, say, Washington, D.C., might injure innocent human beings who just happened to be passing through on their way somewhere else.  Some degree of collateral damage seems inevitable, though maybe acceptable, overall.

In any case, that one passed a bit more than mid-way between the moon and earth.  It only has to miss an inch higher than the highest obstruction to be completely harmless.  Space is big and the odds are good any next ones will miss us at least an inch.

Just saying.

Old Jules 




7 responses to “While the Finest Minds in the US Dribbled Basketballs

  1. Maybe it is aliens shooting at us (grin).

  2. I’m sort of a space geek, too. But I like baseball and hockey as well. When will these particular objects pass our way again? Any clue?

    • Good morning swabby. Glad you came by. I’d guess whatever the orbit was before it came within the gravitational field of earth, most likely it’s different after leaving it. Not easy to imagine an influence of that magnitude not dragging it off one way or another. But it can cross the orbit of earth a thousand times or a dozen before it coincides in proximity again. Likely the pointee heads will be figuring it all out on their big computers and saying what it’s going to do back and forth to one another for a while. Gracias, J

  3. Thanks for keeping us informed on what is happening out there in the universe. Most people only care about their own space and have a difficult time seeing beyond their immediate needs. While we all have to survive, there is a vast universe to be explored and watched. Actually our survival may depend on someone watching it!

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