All Good Things.

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

I got an email notice yesterday that the domain name for this blog’s up for renewal.  I’m not certain what that means in terms of the fate of what’s here if it’s not renewed, but I’m feeling fairly confident I won’t fork over any money to renew it.  When the blog first began, Jeanne paid for it because she had a million of my old writings she wanted to post.  Mostly that hasn’t been the way it’s worked out.

The blog’s been fun for me, but I’ll confess the hard physical labor this spring’s already robbing me of a lot of energy.  I’m going to have to ration out what I’ve got, I’m figuring, if I want to get any of the things done I know I need to do this year.

If I want to write a blog I can do it on one that’s free, I reckons, and not throw away money, mine or Jeanne’s, to keep this one going.  Having money tied up in it injects an obligation to post on it regularly.  A self-imposed deadline in a reality where I’m truly not interested in having me back behind me cracking a whip, bludgeoning me to write when my old bod is insisting just sitting back sipping a cup of coffee would be time better spent.

I appreciate the interest all of you have demonstrated by your visits and wish you well.  If Jeanne decides to renew the domain name I’ll probably post occasionally.  If she doesn’t, likely the thing will just fade out of existence and I’ll post occasionally on some free blog site. 

Thank you, each and all.

Old Jules [Jack Purcell]

Today on Ask Old Jules:   Define “respect”?

Old Jules, how do you define respect?


34 responses to “All Good Things.

  1. Will miss your posts. I enjoy having coffee with you in the mornings. 🙂

  2. We have three more months without deciding anything. No pressure one way or the other.

  3. Jules, Many of us are feeling as you do… You’re a great writer. But sometimes there needs to be more payback than the appreciation of readers. And I don’t know if anyone buys books anymore but a collection of yours would make for good reading. And maybe you could sell a few; keep you in chickens and cat food money. 🙂

  4. I think every blogger thinks more times than not how long they will keep posting. You will have some things to say later. If this place goes away before it does make sure people know where the new place is. I like Blogger and the free too Jules.

  5. Good morning Jules,
    I’d really be sorry to see your blog disappear as I’ve enjoyed reading your posts a lot. Why is it that you have to pay for a blog with My understanding is that only blogs at Worldpress.ORG have to be paid for. Or rather, that you need a provider to host your blog, which is why it costs money. I have 5 blogs with Worldpress.COM and all are free – absolutely. But then mine have “” in their URL and yours hasn’t. Does that make a difference?
    Again: I really hope that you’ll be able to maintain your blog.
    Oh, and as to having to divide your time: that’s something I’ve been experiencing lately, too: blogs, garden, house, bicycling … I need to really think about my priorities, too.
    Take care,

    • Pit, we paid the extra amount so we’d get the url without the included. It just seemed like a simpler way to promote the blog name. Maybe it wasn’t necessary, but at the beginning, who knew?

    • Thanks Pit. I’m not qualified to answer your questions. I’ve enjoyed your comments and blog when I was reading blogs. Gracias, J

  6. Your blog has been a pleasure to read. Often, you’d post something that would leave me grinning in amusement throughout the day. Thanks so much.

  7. What is the advantages of a paid blog spot vs a free Google blogspot like I have?

    • DizzyDick, some of the things I heard about Google turned me off when I was doing my research. Can’t remember the details right now, may have had something to do with copyright or sharing information, I’m just not sure. I chose WordPress because of the variety of themes and the details on statistics that are available. It’s also possible to post to the blog from email, which we thought might be useful because of Jules’ dial-up connection. Being able to schedule posts ahead of time has also been helpful. The cost really isn’t that high for a year, it’s just that when you’re counting pennies you want to make sure it’s worth any cost.

    • DizzyDick: What Jeanne said, I reckons. Gracias, J

  8. If you change to a non premium blog it would be free, but no photo header. I join the others who would miss your postings. Good luck to you and I hope you decide on a non premium WordPress design…..

  9. Do what you think matters most. We wouldn’t like you half as much if you did anything else. If you get a chance, keep in touch.

  10. You have been a pleasure and an inspiration sir. Thank you for sharing of yourself, and my you enjoy the rest of your days.

  11. I’m going to miss stopping by here too but priorities must be made and I understand that. Doing something you enjoy when you’re tired doesn’t cut it either. Post when you can, if you can.



  13. May you not fade from existence. It’s been a genuine pleasure reading your musings. But whatever you decide, best of all things to you, Jules.

  14. Will miss your postings and hope you will go with a free Word Press blog as they are easy to set up. Even I can do it! Have a feeling it won’t be long before you miss all of us and want to keep in touch maybe once a week at least!. Be happy, Bev

  15. Change addresses if you need to, blog less if it’s a must, but now that I have found Old Jules, I’d be lost without you!

  16. Loved getting to know you. I am sure you will bring light to the world with whatever you do. Will miss your honesty, wit, humor, and essence. You are a super hero, in my book. Sending you well wishes. 🙂 Sam

  17. I don’t know for sure but it’s hard to imagine they’d just let your blog disappear if you don’t pay again, that would be a really absurd thing to do. They might just add “wordpress” to the name of your blog. But, as I said, I don’t know for sure.
    I’ve never blogged from a paid account but I can’t say I felt any restrictions with my free blog.
    I wish you lots of energy and luck with your work over there and I hope to see your posts again in the future 🙂

    • Alexandra, I don’t think there are restrictions with a free blog, just that we would have to include wordpress in the url. Now that everything is set up and running, I don’t have any reason to change it, it’s a fairly minimal cost per year. Thanks for your input and support.

  18. Will miss “sofarfromheaven”; have enjoyed the humor and wisdom, Old Jules…

  19. I thought this was wordpress. My wordpress is free. Hm. I hope you can save the work. This is gold.

  20. I thought wordpress was free. Either way I hope you save the work. This is gold. Very important stuff.

    • arifmvega: I’m not sure what’s going on with all that. Jeanne, the administrator here’s taking care of doing whatever has to be done, I reckons. Gracias, J

  21. arifmvega, wordpress has an option to pay if you want your address to be just .com instead of I thought it would be easier to remember the blog addresses (the other one being if we went ahead and paid it.
    I think we’ll keep the blogs going as long as the material and interest is there. Thanks for commenting.

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