Hi everyone, Jeanne here. Please bear with me while I make a few comments on the status of things here at So Far From Heaven.

First of all, the blog site isn’t going away. I’m sure Jules will post from time to time, but he’s also relieved to have made the decision to post only when he feels the urge without any dedication to a schedule. So, less stress, fewer posts, but not going away. If you’re not already signed up for email notifications, you might consider it. I’ve certainly found it helpful on other blog sites that I follow.

I have permission to post some other things that Jules has written in the past, some items from previous blogs, poetry, some pieces from other projects. I would appreciate your feedback about this idea. I suspect I am biased about his writing and don’t have enough distance from the situation to really know whether our followers  want to see anything “old” or just wait for something current.

For anyone who wants a daily dose of Old Jules’ writing, please visit  Ask Old Jules, where you are still welcome to ask questions there through the comments.  Although I only post one question and answer per day, there is a lot of variety and randomness from day to day that you might enjoy.  The Facebook page So Far From Heaven: Ask Old Jules will also continue with shorter q/a posts more appropriate to the Facebook format.

We’re very gratified that at this point we’ve got a nice solid core of dedicated readers. I’m also following a lot of nice people that I never knew existed, and intend to keep doing so. We appreciate all the responses we’ve had so far and look forward to continuing in the same vein although not with the same frequency.

Until next time,

26 responses to “Housekeeping

  1. Hi Jeanne,

    I would read So Far From Heaven regardless of the frequency. Deadlines take the fun out of almost everything, less stress=more happiness.

    Older writing is fine with me, he is a timeless writer.

    I’ll stay tuned.

    • Thanks,elroyjones, I appreciate your feedback. I’m thinking I’ll put up something over the weekend if Easter/family stuff doesn’t take up all my time.

  2. I have been posting a daily blog for quite some time now and it does get to be old. I have a hard time keeping it exiting and fresh. Hope that will change when I start traveling a little more often. I will be patiently awaiting Ole Jules’ return.

  3. I will read “So Far from Heaven” regardless of how often Jules posts because I find the “e-mail following” the best option and wish everyone permitted this. I acknowledge and respect Old Jule’s freedom, and I wonder what inspired work he might produce if he doesn’t feel obliged to post everyday (I really didn’t know that he felt obliged to post so frequently.) He should take life at a more leisurely stride because life is much more pleasant that way. I will continue to look forward to his “down-to-earth” words, particularly his conversations with Old Sol. 😉

    • Thanks for the feedback, Steve. When Old Jules gets into a project (in this case, this blog) he delves into it wholeheartedly. Now that he has other priorities, I think this will be a more relaxing place to take a break.

  4. Hi, there Old Jules, please keep writing, you have the kind of style that is informative but easy on the ear, so to speak, very pleasing. Perhaps longer blogs but less frequent would do the trick. Kristin.

  5. WHEW!!

    I’m not a subscriber through email, because I’m anal about keeping my email cleaned out and I’m just incapable of deleting without reading. I’ve found google reader a great way to keep up with my favorite blogs with out email overload.

  6. apocalypseicons

    Hope Jules is okay and though I only comment on occasion and less now as i have taking a break from too much blogging- I think it is good to do other things for a bit. Miss the old sod, as we say in england!

  7. I’m biased Jeanne,but I have an advantage in that I’ve read some of the older writings, put it all out there, it’s like Tom Russell records, the guy just does not have a “crummy song” gene, they are all great, same with Jule’s writing, some shines a little brighter than others, but they all shine…. I hope you and your family have a splendid Easter. Peace, Light & Love….

  8. Thanks for the update, Jeanne. I’m a new follower and have enjoyed being a part of Ole Jule’s world.

    I wish him well in his new project and look forward to reading his future posts.

  9. Old, new – its all interesting. Being as current events aren’t even a topic, why would we even know a post is recycled? Glad to hear we aren’t losing him entirely.

  10. I’m glad he is taking care of his needs. I’ll be waiting to hear from him and his wise way with words. Doesn’t matter to me how little or how much he writes, as long as he is at peace. 🙂 Sam

  11. Jules is a good man. I got him on automatic email!

  12. Old, new, it’s all good. Say hi to Old Jules for me.

  13. One of the reasons I’ve become a regular reader is that there’s an interesting randomness in his posts (subject wise) and so his older material would be welcome. And I hope you date it.

    • I’ll consider whether I can date older material, John, but I’m not sure I saved all of that information specifically. I’ll put up whatever I can to identify it time-wise. It’s a wise suggestion. Thank you.

  14. Good wishes and I am one of the new followers of the blog and throughly enjoyed Ole Jules writings. I hope he is well my best wishes for a Happy Easter to you both.

  15. Hi Jeanne! I’ll be happy to take what posts I can get! I love his work—old or new it’s never a dull moment! (PS – I haven’t forgotten! I will get your book back to you ASAP. It’s been a big help!)

  16. Old post are fine with me! Jules has had quite an interesting life! Tell Jules to relax,post when he feels the urge. It feels to much like work when you Have to post! Slacking myself!

  17. So glad, So Far From Heaven will carry on. I love reading the blog, don’t stress on a schedule.

  18. Taking breaks is good for the soul! And thanks for sharing the video on “Java Jive”. Sure haven’t heard that song in a long time. My grandma name a brown gelding she raised after this song back in the ’60’s.

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