Link to short Old Jules Bio

Today on Ask Old Jules, a very short biography of his life.


13 responses to “Link to short Old Jules Bio

  1. apocalypseicons

    There’s one for my wall – most excellent picture cowboy dude fella1 It will keep this englishwoman happy!

  2. Does he have any kids, Jeanne? If he does, has he written about them?

    • No, elroy, no kids, just a long history of relationships with women and cats…

      • He is wildly interesting being independent and self-sufficient. Kids or grandkids would benefit from all of that experience. I don’t have any kids either and it’s not something I regret. Being a man without regrets, I’m sure he doesn’t wish he had them.

        • I’ve always been glad that my boys got to spend some time with him when we were living down the road from each other during the first few months of the year 2000. They’ve more or less kept in touch since then and he’s always shown a lot of interest in what they’re doing…as they do with him.

          • Now, I know it’s silly to feel this way over a person I’ve never met, but it makes me feel good to know he has your boys in his life.

            Other people’s kids provide balance in my life and help me keep it real. You are generous to share yours, Jeanne.

            Thanks very much for the little peek into something that isn’t my business at all.

          • I don’t mind filling you in on some of the details at all, I just wish they were actually a lot closer geographically than they are. They do have some similar interests and it seems like a missed opportunity that they can’t just hang out together since they did enjoy each other’s company in the past.

  3. Dear Old Jules,
    We were born in the same year. I enjoyed your bio very much.
    Very interesting.
    I really liked the fact that you learned to fly, and you love animals.
    You must live a very wonderful life away from all the hassle.
    The Lord bless you and yours.

  4. A big life in the brevity of this bio.

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