Surveillance Weirdness

Saturday October 28, 2006  


This brave new century offers a lot of interesting twists and turns for the observant.  I was reading a blog this morning, someone ruminating over a friend request he’d gotten from someone, maybe in India.

I’d gotten a similar request yesterday, so it caused me to consider whether blogs aren’t being used by intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, both here and abroad, to find folks with particular sets of viewpoints.

For instance, I came across a blog the other day posted by a person who called himself something like ‘dope-smuggler’.  Hmmm, thinks I, is this for real?  The blog entries and photos all involved various aspects of the use of controlled substances.

Suppose I worked for DEA, I went on thinking.  Would I throw out a trot-line or two searching for folks who’d like to admit on blogs that they were felons?  I think I might.

Or suppose I worked for Mossad  (I think that’s the right spelling), the Israeli intelligence agency.  Would I like to know as many names and locations of people who held Nazi-like viewpoints?  Would I be equally interested in folks who rabidly approve of anything Israel might do?  Probably.

And so on.  But that’s not what this blog is about.

This blog is about what’s happened with surveillance technology and general nosiness, both of government and individuals.

The technology and availability of spying equipment with amazing capabilities and invisibility at a shockingly low price is out there for anyone.

At least it was shocking and amazing to me when I found myself moved to investigate the matter.

One day I’d been sitting at a blackjack table for about twelve hours, and when I got to my car in the parking lot my cell-phone rang.  I answered and was treated to hearing a long playback of my conversations at the game-table several hours earlier.  I thought back and recalled a guy who sat next to me for a while wearing an unusual fanny-pack he kept messing with, so I figured it was him.

But his motive for doing such a thing was a mystery, and how he happened to know my cell-phone number was one, as well.

That happened several times, the casino playback thing, but I only saw that particular person once, and when he took the chair next to me I asked him if he had his equipment with him.  “Oh yeah,” he answered with a laugh.  “I always carry everything with me.”  And left the table.

During the same time-period Jeanne was in New Mexico.  We were in the living room, me standing, her sitting across the room, having a conversation.  The land-line phone rang and I answered.  Similarly to the casino experience, I had a conversation played back to me, but this time it was the conversation Jeanne and I’d just had within the past five minutes.

Someone obviously had the capability to listen to what was said in my home.  But what’s intriguing to me is that they wanted me to KNOW they had that capability.

That happened a couple more times and I could never see any signs around the house of any microphone/camera, but it was obviously here.  From then until now I’ve gotten spam emails I don’t open, but with subject lines referring to something or other that’s happened in my life, said or done, recently.

Which confirms for me that I am one helluva interesting guy.  I cannot for the life of me imagine why anyone would put that kind of effort, energy and expense into my life, but I do try to provide with them with some amusement in various ways.

Sometimes I figure it’s the rich neighbor kid, sometimes I think it’s the neighbor across the street next-door to my buddy, Wes, who’s generally known to be a negative busybody.  But that doesn’t quite fit the casino incidents.

I haven’t a clue. 

But after the first phone-at-home incident Jeanne and I went to a surveillance store and looked over what was out there on the open market.  After seeing it, I decided we live in a time when it’s useless to think there are any secrets, any privacy, if anyone’s determined enough to want to know, sick enough to be willing to put out a few bucks and plant a device.

Flattering, though, knowing that despite the fact I don’t talk to anyone but the cats these days unless I’m on the phone, I’m still one hell of an interesting feller.


Old Jules

8 responses to “Surveillance Weirdness

  1. Unless you totally stay “off the grid” (and that means TOTALLY, no cell phone, no GPS, no computer) there is no such thing as privacy. We have to get over it and adapt.

    • Hi Wendy, unfortunately, even when Old Jules was off the grid during the y2k months, there was evidence of surveillance going on, so it was a part of his life out in the middle of nowhere as well as in town. Bugs can be planted anywhere. But those are stories for another time. Thanks for reading and commenting. Jeanne

  2. I would have freaked the flip out, which is exactly what someone would want me to do. I don’t like this one bit.

    Old Jules is interesting but largely because I can’t know everything about him and I’d like to know more. I hope I never interest anyone enough to go to such lengths. I often wonder if people track me in the ether world because of my opinions.

    Blackjack, now that’s interesting!

  3. Reminds of when I first saw one of those parabolic dish microphones. Just point it some distance away, even inside a house, and you could hear an awful lot.

  4. The Seattle Police Department just got two unmanned surveillance drones. They only fly for like 15 minutes at a time though. They also still have to get FAA clearance.

    You are a very interesting character, Old Jules.

    A speedy recovery to your friend, Gale.

    Oh and I am pretty sure I am getting followed. The mayor here had his windows smashed out by hooligans the night of some occupy/violator trouble here in Seattle. I think they noted both my heavy participation in Occupy Seattle as well as my proximity to the mayors window incident. Even just saying that word is enough to get attention these days.

    If you are reading this, Mr. Mayor, you should know my goals are more lofty than harassing any particular person. And I wouldnt smash anyones windows out like that either.

  5. I remember those spy microphone gadgets that look like a WalkMan but has a long distance transducer to listen through your neighbor’s walls. They sold them on TV back in the 1990s, I think. Creepy!

  6. Cynthia Hoffman

    I live in Placitas and was recently gang-stalked among other bizarre behaviors. Following were/are my discoveries. Gang-stalking is conducted by secret societies – mainly freemasonry members. After exhaustive research I can inform you that freemasons are practicing satanists/Luciferians. Sadly, I’ve learned all my relatives/cousins are into freemasonry and witchcraft. My stalking episodes began after my mother passed and her $10M+ estate was stolen by these same relatives and once I received what little inheritance they would give me, they gang-stalked me in an effort to induce me to kill myself so they could steal MY estate. Satanists/Luciferians are also called “Illuminati.” Research and google information regarding them on Youtube videos and other media. At this time, January 2014, practically the entire United States is being “run” or “managed” by these groups including most if not all government agencies, etc. Courts and judges are corrupt beyond belief. Single folks are great targets because we have fewer support systems on which to rely and given it’s my own family members who are involved, I have NO support. After learning these people were practicing witchcraft I investigated “deliverance ministry” and now respond to their efforts with Christian prayer. I have also become a born-again Christian, as I had lapsed terribly during adulthood. Please feel free to contact me at the email address below should you desire additional information. God bless you. -Cynthia
    PS: All my neighbors are satanists as well – one even has a 9ft tall statue of Lucifer in his FRONT yard!

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