New Mexico Farmer Nomads Circuit Community

Hi readers.  I posted this on the Intentional Communities website.

Figured I’d run it up on the flagpole and see if anyone salutes:

New Mexico Farmer Nomads Circuit Community

New Mexico Public Lands, New Mexico
 Proposed [forming]migratory community to occupy BLM and National Forest lands with water available capable of growing food crops. Members would occupy each site and tend gardens 14 days maximum to stay within BLM and USFS regulations, then rotate to another community site at least 25 miles away, replacing another rotatee[s] who’s been tending the garden there.
No permanent structures are allowed on these multi-use BLM or USFS public lands, though if, say, a mining claim is filed [a cheap, easy means of establishing certain legitimate, defined rights of occupation], a storage for ‘tools’ building is allowed.
Members will need to be willing to live in tents, RVs, campers, or converted school bus shelters while occupying the sites.
The only reason ‘community’ is an issue is to assure crops get planted and tended at each site through the growing season, and because of the 14 day occupation limit per site.
Some rules regarding wood cutting, site cleanup and maintenance, and waste disposal will be needed, along with a rotation schedule for each member unit.
My thought is that if there’s sufficient interest in this alternative lifestyle it should begin before spring planting, 2013.

You just never can tell until you try, I figures.

Old Jules

23 responses to “New Mexico Farmer Nomads Circuit Community

  1. I hope that you don’t mind if I repost this on my site of Friday. Sounds like a good idea, worthy of pursuit and further discussion/honing.


  2. Good idea, connected but independent.

  3. If I didn’t have my own place that I garden I would be game to take part. If the gov were to decide I don’t need this then I could certainly see getting involved. Even 3 or 4 could make a community and rotate sites working site A, B, C, D over a summer returned to each site in order, that way one would get to harvest some from each site they worked earlier. Thanks for the posting. Blessings.

    • Hi Mary: As I read the BLM rules, which I believe are identical to USFS in most places, a person’s allowed to spend 14 nights in a place over a 60 day period. My gut feel is there’d need to be more sites and people, rather than less, to keep someone on each site, running off cows, deer, elk, coons, skunks, whatever. But I haven’t put a pencil on it. Gracias, J


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  6. More power to them — if the communities had pharmacies and doctors, I’d be there in a second!

  7. With 60 days for rotation it would take 5 people or couples as a community to make it work. It is a lot of work keeping dear and cattle out of gardens. A good trap will usually take care of the skunks ^ coons as long as no one knows you aren’t releasing there should not be a problem. I’ve had to get rid of a couple of skunks this summer. These were after eggs. Next would have been my ducks. Thanks for the time info. Blessings.

    • Hi Mary: Sounds right to me. I’ll be interested to hear whatever folks responding with interest have to say if anything comes of my posting it on Intentional Communities. Likely some will have ideas to expand the concept. Gracias, J

  8. I fear that if I lost track of my 60 days, the BLM would somehow penalize me and my work would have been for naught. Guess in my life I have learned to depend on myself and not the other guy.

    • Hi Bev: My suspicion is the lifestyle would provide folks prone to fear with plenty to be afraid of besides the BLM penalties. On the other hand, if the community was of sufficient size and the sites sufficiently numerous a collapse or failure of a single site wouldn’t be a complete loss. I’d expect some to fail for natural reasons, drought, flooding, bugs, human failures, whatever. But there’d be nothing to keep the people occupying the site of the failure from moving to one of the still-active ones. Seems to me there’s a lot of potential resilience in the concept. Especially if there were 20, 30, 40 sites working with a few people at each. Several sites could be forfeit without collapse of the project. Gracias, J

      • Let me know how that works. I do see some potential as you explain it. Always enjoy cooperation among neighbors…but I still am a bit reserved about the success of this lifestyle. Having camped on the BLM lands near Hachita, New Mexico, know there are many dangers. Will be watching for updates if you give it a try.

        • Hi Bev. Odds are nothing will come of it, but if it should I’ll post something about it. Hadin’t thought about Hachita and Antelope Wells for a while. Might have to drift down that way, I reckons. Gracias, J

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