Who’ll Be First? Mac?

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

Seems to me the hamburger joints almost certainly have Chinese entrepreneurs on tap this very moment designing 56 collectible toy Tibetan dolls that set fire to themselves.

Here’s hoping the program doesn’t give any ideas to the people working in back over the grilles flipping burger patties who used to have jobs that went to China.

Old Jules

14 responses to “Who’ll Be First? Mac?

  1. Dry and sassy, good combination.

    • swabby: Thanks for coming by. Beats having a cruise missile fall on your head, I expects. The one’s voluntary, at least, while the other is just incidental. Gracias, J

  2. The movie A Year in Tibet. By the BBC helps show how Chinese rule has changed Tibet. Many are not happy about what happened in 1951, a few sacrifice themselves to make a point and keep the resistance going.

  3. It is terrible when a person’s circumstance is so bad in their estimation that they go to extremes. May God have mercy on his soul. Blessings.

  4. He can keep what ever religion that would give permission to do such a thing. Blessings.

    • Hi Mary: Evidently he kept it as long as he was able. No way of knowing whether it gave him permission. Comes to mind the Inquisition did something of the sort to people they believed to be heretics not-too-long-ago and believed it was done with permission, so it’s not impossible his might have done something similar with his volunteering.l Gracias, J

  5. Tibetan Buddhism does not give permission to self-harm. It is desperation about the plight of ones culture and loved ones that leads people to such acts. I have Tibetan friends. They are horrified each time someone resorts to self-immolation. Their teachers are equally unhappy with such actions. One of my monk friends reminded me of the self-immolating monks in Vietnam in the 1960s. They were in similar circumstances. They learned that fiery suicide is an action of spectacle and does little or no good to generate sympathy. I hope the Tibetan youth come to a similar conclusion, soon. The struggle is political and the Chinese will have the upper hand for the imaginable future.

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