Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans need to toughen up

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Evidently these people who volunteered for the most recent Presidential Wars seem to be coming home and offing themselves at a rate of 22 per day. Probably there’s a hidden message in there somewhere.

But the big problem is they’re whining and crying about it beforehand, trying through their, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America organization to get new special treatment and benefits for themselves and hire professionals to talk them out of it.

IAVA’s efforts have made an impact, as Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.), the first Iraq war veteran to serve in the senate, introduced comprehensive legislation that would increase mental health professionals at VA, enhance collaboration with the Pentagon, and review cases of soldiers who may have been wrongly discharged for “invisible wounds.”

“Returning home from combat does not erase what happened there, and yet red tape and government dysfunction have blocked access to the care that saves lives,” Walsh said in a statement to Business Insider. “It is our duty to come together for real solutions for our heroes.”

Just my opinion here, but there’s a really money-saving way to prevent all that. Veterans speaking out noisily to potential enlistees telling them all the reasons they are going to hate themselves for volunteering to serve in a Presidential War might be a good beginning. Then quitting accusing themselves of being heroes next breath after rolling ’round on the floor weeping about not enough sympathy.  Recognizing there are concomitant sacrifices that come with the financial and other benefits for joining a military force.  Abdicating personal moral and ethical choices to politicians and soldiers where the information’s already out there about the brushfire wars the nation loves to submerge itself in.

Hell, these people offing themselves know best whether their lives are worth living. But if they want a shoulder to cry on there’s plenty of help available already through the VA, and it’s easily accessible. Just take a look on the right sidebar:;MHV_JSESSIONID=slK7T6vZ49t4TLd81GkdytND025vBpWx4msqx0qJplMXny1WpT0B!-1419889142?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=mhvHome

What almost certainly won’t help is  S.2182,  the Suicide Prevention for America’s Veterans Act to liven things up.  It would save a lot of money and effort, not to mention veterans hating themselves afterward, if we’d just stay the hell out of Presidential Wars.  See if that doesn’t clear the problem up without any mindless legislation.

Old Jules

15 responses to “Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans need to toughen up

  1. I totally agree with your main point.

    • Hi Swabby. My main point is we need to be invading countries nearer home and do it through good clean Constitutionally correct wars declared by the US Congress. Come right out in the open saying what it is we’re after and what the other sides going to have to give up to make us quit shooting and bombing them. If they’ve got to settle for doing without the oil they’re sitting on top of, or let a dictator we like instead of a dictator they like tell them what to do, so be it. Good, clean, Constitutionally correct wars would give us the elbow room to have real Paul Bunyan, Davy Crockett heroes instead of these lilly-livered yellow whiners we’re getting out of unconstitutional Presidential Wars. Gracias, Jules

  2. We need to bring ’em all home, close our borders, and let the rest of the world sort itself out.

  3. See all your points. Agree, too. Just don’t know how to get those changes made so we can put our country back together in as a nation we can recognize based on our founding fathers efforts and our constitution. I’m tired or the wars and our people being wonder physically and mentally. It is time we had some peace and got rid of the war mongers. Blessings, Mary

  4. Points well stated. But, as to US I don’t give a darn for a country which our FF would recognize nor do I give a hoot Constitutionally correct wars. The Constitution was long ago rendered irrelevant there’s no going back nor would it help anyway.

    The falsely titled DoD is how Trillions of Tax dollars have been funneled to the 1% so don’t expect the Military or overseas excursions to end any time soon.

  5. Thank God I can unsubscribe from idiots like you.

    • Simeon Brown: Thank God even if you can’t. Gracias, J

      • That was such a classy reply, I’ll keep reading, because I’m generally interested. But really, please, telling PTSD victims to “toughen up” is rubbish. I’m not pro-war by any means, and I’m also annoyed by kids who signed up for national gaurs for the college money, then play the victim when they’re actually deployed. But I’m of the opinion that damaged service members deserve nothing but respect and support.

  6. And yet another example of how anyone with an opinion, no matter how misinformed or deranged, can make a “statement” about a subject in which they have no understanding of. Rant on old jules. I’m sure you’re doing very important work.

    • Jordon: Likely my work isn’t important, but it’s unnecessary in any case. I don’t consider your opinion deranged or misinformed, particularly, despite what you think of it. I completely believe you believe what you think you believe. Which isn’t the same as having anything remotely connected with truth floating around the surface of your brain. Thanks for stopping by. J

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