They wore out the Muslims – familiarity bred contempt

Hi readers:

The ‘Us’ government’s searching frantically for a new threat, trying to create a believable illusion of  a new cold war with Russia, then talking increased military tensions with China.  But it ain’t easy.

Sure, Russia still exists.  On paper, anyway, run by a bunch of Mafia-types who know they can’t make any money if they’re all shot to pieces by anyone, including the Us.

And China?  Well, even though Washingtonians are prone to stupidity and self-blindsidedness, most recall the Us hasn’t won a war since 1945.  And the ones it didn’t win most spectacularly were coincidentally in Asia.

Fact is we couldn’t even defeat little bitty pissant North Korea in a shooting war back when our soldiers were still real he-men.  We couldn’t even whip North Vietnam, or fight them down so’s they’d let us leave in a relaxed, organized way.  The Us left Vietnam in an every-man-for-himself devil-take-the-hindmost scramble.  Running and looking over their shoulders the whole time.  Peace with honor, Nixon called it.

So who is going to be scared Washington will be stupid enough to get into a war with China?  Nobody.  Who’s going to believe anyone in Washington is going to get us into a shooting war with the Rooskies?  Nobody.  And they’re scared of everyone in Asia, including North Korea.  Nobody wants to see North Korea kick our asses in another shooting war.

Trouble is, nobody’s scared of the Muslims anymore.  Every time we send the military somewhere new over there they roll over and play dead without racking up a decent death-toll of Us troops.  Sure, they kill a few, and a lot more Us troops raise the ante by killing themselves, but even with that it’s just not enough to get the juices of patriotism flowing anymore.

One thing they mightn’t have considered, though:  Asians can win wars against Asians.  Fighting a good proxy war with China using Japanese troops might work and since no Us troops need be getting shot up, the Us citizenry could probably get behind it.

Even better, getting the South Koreans and Japanese fighting on the same team, invading Manchuria, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nanking and so-on might work.

I can see how the Us citizenry might get behind that if only for the relief from the ennui of yawning Muslim terror snores it would provide.  And we could sell the weaponry to both sides.

The only way we’re likely to ever win a war in Asia now that Japan has its guard up.

Old Jules


7 responses to “They wore out the Muslims – familiarity bred contempt

  1. ‘Us’.. excellent.. that was an excellent read.. and no need for china to get in a shooting match, they can just poison us and our dogs with ease. After all they make our chicken nuggets and dog food! Every man and his dog. Not a shot fired.. c

    • The Europeans, too, Cecelia. They’re as dependent on China as the Us. Electrocuted by toasters, castrated by microwaves, blenders, poisoned by chicken nuggets. Occidental death. Gracias, J

  2. “Even better, getting the South Koreans and Japanese fighting on the same team, invading Manchuria, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nanking and so-on might work.”

    I can see Americans getting behind this if some television network would air episodes weekly as a “reality” show.

    • SC Tanner: There’s a lot of good footage out there already they could use, though it’s all black and white. The Japanese/Koreans did a middling good job creating subject-matter for film footage in China and Manchuria during the 1930s. Gracias, J

  3. It’s the same over here in Britain. Russia is suddenly a threat again. Only what I can’t work out is that the same people who told us the Soviets were a threat to civilisation and rejoiced at the fall of communism are now telling us the mega-capitalists who took over are now a threat to civilisation. There’s a certain lack of logic there.
    Great read, Jules.

  4. McEff, I liked you mentioning the part about the same people telling us the threat is communism then coming round telling us mega-capitalist are….great logic for the don’t bother to think crowd. Jules, gotta think on that one a bit. It is an interesting concept. Isn’t that kind of like hiring an army? Very interesting read. Blessings, M.

    • Hiring an army of Asians to fight wars might be more successful than hiring youths from the US to fight them as mercenaries. Probably the Chinese would find it a lot more satisfying since they’ve no real reason to hate US dwellers as a genre. But the’ve every reason to hate Japanese and Koreans. Giving the Chinese someone to kill whom they hate makes a lot of sense. J

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