Real synthetic meat

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Sitting around waiting rooms exposes a person to a lot of reading material he’d proabably never encounter otherwise.  Popular Science magazines are a favorite example for me.  They’ve always been great predictors of how our lives will be in the not-too-distant future.  As John Prine observed, “We’re all driving rocket ships and talking with our minds” here in this future we’re living in.

Anyway, the November, 2013 edition of Popular Science had a series of articles I found fascinating about some folks who are in the final phases of development of synthetic meats to replace those that came off living animals and poultry.  Indistinguishable from the real item.  Columbia University’s one of the places it’s happening, not because of better health, but because of the greenhouse gasses resulting from grazing livestock.

Evidently it’s so far along in getting it going they’re already producing real leather that never rode a cow for use on automobile upholstery, etc.  And they’re doing well with chicken, since almost everything tastes like chicken.

Naturally, if this doesn’t happen now it well be because the cow industry went in at night and destroyed everything they couldn’t buy up and squash.  It won’t be the fault of the lousy record Popular Science has in predicting the future.

Still, it’s nice to think of future generations being able to walk around in the woods without stepping on cow manure if they ever go outside.  And driving along rural highways in the west not having to see a yellow sign with a cow on it to warn there’s a rancher feeding his black cows on the pavement at dusk for the insurance.

Interesting stuff, and it ought to get more interesting.  Human beings ought to get a lot more violent in a world where there was no real meat that needed killing to take the edge off natural inclinations.  And thus far there’s been no mention of where Kosher fits into it all.  Synthetic pork might come from the factory Kosher and Jews and Muslims could start sitting down together to a nice ham instead of shooting one another.

Old Jules

20 responses to “Real synthetic meat

  1. Morning Jules,
    Synthetic meat – reminds me of “Soylent Green”. Yuck – even if it is said to be indistinguishable from the real stuff. And with “synthetic” in food products I always associate the German “Ersatz”, literally meaning “replacement” but in fact also having the connotation of “bad” or “low quality”. So, maybe “synthetic meat” will not be meant for me.
    Best regards, nowadays from Fredericksburg in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, and have a good one,

    • Hi Pit. Reminded me of Soylent Green also, though I’m uncertain why. Naturally I’m happy for you being in Fredericksburg. If I ever get back down that way to take the remainder of my stuff out of Gale’s cabin and put it in storage in Harper I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. Good on you. Jack

      • Hi Jack,
        That would be great, if at some time in the future we’d meet. Coffee is fine with me. I really enjoy a good cup – or more. We could, of course, also get together for a B&B [= burger and beer] ;). Should you ever be in our neck of the woods, just give me a shout.
        Have a good one, and take good care of yourself,

        • Pit: It’s on my calendar. Well, to the extent I have a calendar, which I don’t. Gracias, J

          • Jack,
            Just in case you’ll make it to my neck of the woods some time and want to give me a shout, my cell is 830-299-9351, and my e-mail is w DOT vins AT gmx DOT de.
            Have a good one,

          • Hi Pit and thanks. Consider yourself on my agenda [always assuming I manage to have an agenda] once I’m back on some sort of track. I’m sending you an email to make certain I’ve got it correct. Gracias, J

          • Yep, you did get the email address correct. I got yours. And isn’t it a great feeling just not to have to have an agenda?! As a retired person I’m in that lucky frame of mind, too.
            Take care, my friend, and have a good one,

  2. Real synthetic meat.
    I read an article on this subject. It cost thousands and thousands of dollars to produce enough to get caught in your teeth but not actually feed your hunger. 😀

  3. I guess people like me should not complain about what is in our food. You see, I just love Louisiana white boudin sausage and it has everything and anything in it. In fact, I have no idea what it has in it, but it is just soooo gooood!!

    • DizzyDick: Yeah, but I reckons I’m going to be eating other things if I have to invent them. I’ll trade for no salt if I get to have decent stamina and physical capabilities until I croak. Maybe on my deathbed I’ll have pizza, beer and a Marlboro. Gracias, J

  4. Doubt if there will be much chance of future generations stepping in cow manure out in the woods – they will never go outside! Too busy playing games on their cell phones!

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