City of Adventure

hydrox june 2014

He’s too old to cut the mustard anymore.

Hi readers.  Thanks for the visit.

Jeanne’s next door neighbor saw us on the back porch the other day:  “Hi.  Is that big, fluffy-looking black and white cat yours?”

Me:  “He came with me from Texas.”  No point giving my cat-ownership philosophy dissertation.

Neighbor grinning:  “We watch television late at night with the front door open.  He comes by every night and sticks his head inside, looks at us a moment, then leaves.  It’s eery when he meets your eye.”

Hydrox is evidently as determined to milk as much living out of this life as I am.  Even if it means spying on the neighbors.  They’re older than him, but barely.

Old Jules

4 responses to “City of Adventure

  1. Hehhe. Hydrox creeping up on and creeping out the neighbours. Love it 🙂

  2. Hi Jules, Hydrox is one beautiful cat. Reminds me of a cat I had in the early 70’s. I see some of his descendants around from time to time. He was mostly white and had two black spots on his back, hence the name “Two Bits” with some black on the tail, head, ears and feet. His hair (to long to think of as fur) was 4-5 inches long. He would carouse all night then come in, check out maybe not, go upstairs and sleep in the middle of my bed all day. He would spend the evening with us and head out about 9-10 PM. We didn’t have mice while we had him. He didn’t bother the birds as he was asleep when they were out. Miss that cat. Blessings, Mary

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