Compared to Mexicans, American Indians don’t like stoop labor

Hi readers.

I’ve noticed American Indians prefer doctoring, or motel owning jobs over stoop labor, mowing grass, carpentry and other grunt jobs preferred by Mexicans.  My VA physician is an American Indian, and so’s my cardiologist.  Both of whom speak English at 7-9 on an understandability scale of 10.  Better than the clerk down at Walmart.

This got me wondering about Indians ‘back home’ where they came from and whether everyone in India is a doctor or motel owner.  I figured the Indian film industry would be a good start.  So I searched “India” on Netflix.  One of the [quaint word] films recently released by the Indians is EXPRESS TO CHENNAI.

Fun, interesting film.  WEST SIDE STORY, THE GODFATHER,  and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC all wadded up into the same excellent movie.  Those Indians made me consider how much better off Hollywood would be if they just handed moviemaking over to the Indians, the way we’ve done with inventiveness, patent applications, doctoring, motel owning etc etc etc.

It’s a movie about the Indian mafia, about love and romance, about tourism, and it’s done in song and dance part of the time.  Freaking great movie.

I wouldn’t mind staying in a motel or getting a doctor working on my vitals if he comes from the country where EXPRESS TO CHENNAI was made.  Or his parents or grandparents came from there.

Unless they were poor, or huddled masses.  I’ve got no use having a Mexican doctor working on me.

EL INFIERNO’s the best Mexican movie I’ve seen lately and I don’t care anything about having the people who made that one doing my cutting and pasting bodily.

Old Jules

8 responses to “Compared to Mexicans, American Indians don’t like stoop labor

  1. I was wondering if it’s my fault that I can barely understand:
    -foreign workers
    -anyone on a telephone
    -2x foreign workers on the telephone
    -white people from other countries at random times
    -what someone’s saying if I’m on my computer.
    Is this normal? Lol.

  2. What is Chennai express?

    • Azure James: An express train in India that runs from up toward Kashmir down to Bombay or some such other place far to the South on the coast. At least I suspect without any basis for believing I’m right, that’s what Chennai express is. Might well be something else entirely, something involving quarks and string theory. Or maybe an Indian restaurant, fast food, somewhere named Chennai. Or possibly an message or package delivery service owned and operated by the Chennai family. But in the movie it’s a train. Gracias, J

  3. LOL, Jules, If I didn’t know better I would think you had a bit of racial prejudice going there. I do know what you mean. Based on the number of Mexican decent nurses I have known I don’t think you need worry that you will ever encounter a Mexican decent doctor. They just don’t seam to lean that way. When I could understand India Indians I observed they do have a lot on the ball. And if an American Indian sets their mind to do something they are very good at it, too. About all those innards messing with…Lets just not have any of that. Down right scarey. Rather have to walk a tight rope. Blessing M

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