Missing women and sex selective abortion

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As a person who never had an abortion and never intend to have one I’m either not qualified to have an opinion about anything related to the subject, or, I’m uniquely qualified by virtue of being potentially unbiased.  And because of my ambiguous position on the matter I was unaware of a battle raging worldwide over the concepts of ‘femicide’, ‘gendercide’, and ‘missing women’ with emphasis on abortion as a contributing factor.

 Sex-selective abortion in the context of abortion[edit]

MacPherson estimates that 100,000 sex-selective abortions every year continue to be performed in India.[79] For a contrasting perspective, in the United States with a population 14th of India, over 1.2 million abortions every year were performed between 1990-2007.[113] In England and Wales with a population 120th of India, over 189,000 abortions were performed in 2011, or a yearly rate of 17.5 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44.[114] The average for the European Union was 30 abortions per year per 1,000 women.[115]

Many scholars have noted the difficulty in reconciling the discriminatory nature of sex-selective abortion with the right of women to have control over their own bodies. This conflict manifests itself primarily when discussing laws about sex-selective abortion. Weiss (1995:205) writes: “The most obvious challenge sex-selective abortion represents for pro-choice feminists is the difficulty of reconciling a pro-choice position with moral objections one might have to sex selective abortion (especially since it has been used primarily on female fetuses), much less the advocacy of a law banning sex-selective abortion.”[116] As a result, arguments both for and against sex-selective abortion are typically highly reflective of one’s own personal beliefs about abortion in general. Warren (1985:104) argues that there is a difference between acting within one’s rights and acting upon the most morally sound choice, implying that sex-selective abortion might be within rights but not morally sound. Warren also notes that, if we are to ever reverse the trend of sex-selective abortion and high sex ratios, we must work to change the patriarchy-based society which breeds the strong son preference.[117]   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex-selective_abortion

 And thus arises the concept of [statistical] ‘missing women’:


Estimates of missing women[edit]

Estimates of implied missing girls, considering the “normal” birth sex ratio to be the 103–107 range, vary considerably between researchers and underlying assumptions for expected post-birth mortality rates for men and women. For example, a 2005 study estimated that over 90 million females were “missing” from the expected population in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea and Taiwan alone, and suggested that sex-selective abortion plays a role in this deficit.[2][90] For early 1990s, Sen estimated 107 million missing women, Coale estimated 60 million as missing, while Klasen estimated 89 million missing women in China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, West Asia and Egypt.[16] Guilmoto,[12] in his 2010 report, uses recent data (except for Pakistan), and estimates a much lower number of missing girls, but notes that the higher sex ratios in numerous countries have created a gender gap – shortage of girls – in the 0–19 age group.

Country Gender gap
0-19 age group (2010)[12]
 % of minor
Region Majority Religion
Afghanistan 265,000 3.0 South Asia Islam
Albania 21,000 4.2 Southeast Europe Islam
Armenia 35,000 8.4 Caucasus Christianity
Azerbaijan 111,000 8.3 Caucasus Islam
Bangladesh 416,000 1.4 South Asia Islam
China 25,112,000 15.0 East Asia  
Georgia 24,000 4.6 Caucasus Christianity
India 12,618,000 5.3 South Asia Hindu
Montenegro 3,000 3.6 Southeast Europe Christianity
Nepal 125,000 1.8 South Asia Hindu
Pakistan 206,000 0.5 South Asia Islam
South Korea 336,000 6.2 East Asia  
Singapore 21,000 3.5 Southeast Asia Buddhist
Viet Nam 139,000 1.0 Southeast Asia Buddhist


 All of which brings up some arresting questions.  Such as, is it possible to commit a gender-crime against a statistical human being that was legally erased as a fetus [whether it was aborted because of gender, or simply because it represented an inconvenience for the mother]?  Outside the context of statistics how can a parent who knows the sex of the fetus and chooses to abort be accused of doing it for the wrong reasons?  And what use is a law forbidding abortion for reasons that can only be known by the person making the decision to abort.

 Maybe I’m wrong, but my understanding is that inside the US a fetus does not become ‘human’, a person with legal rights, until it exits the body of the mother.  It doesn’t even have the rights of a corporation, which, as it happens, is human.

So how the hell can legions of non-human fetuses result in legions of ‘missing women’ after they reach statistical adulthood?

I’ll confess the whole damned thing is too much for my aging comprehension.

Makes me glad I never had an abortion, considering how I might be haunted by legions of missing ghost adults swarming around making statistical nuisances of themselves.

Old Jules


12 responses to “Missing women and sex selective abortion

  1. Hey, Jules. Since you have Netflix, check the first season of The Bridge, which is somehow related to this theme. It’s set at the southern border and is coming back in a few weeks. Just a tip. Best

    • Thanks Wesley. I’ll give it a look. Thankee. J

      • Carole Kelderman

        This is not about anything posted. I need to talk to OJ. What is your email address? I want to talk to you about the FF Treasure Hunt. However, I did read a lot of this stuff and did not find one thing with which to disagree, but that is fodder for a whole ‘nother life. Please email me so we can talk treasure and don’t wait too long because I just had my 64th Birthday and my motto is “do it now.” Thanks CaroleKelderman1@gmail.com

  2. Do you suppose “missing” depends on who misses them?

    • Hi Ed. I honestly can’t imagine an answer that would make any sense. Some decisions are permanent enough to render any missing a person might do afterward just a piece of wind without enough substance to qualify as a human experience. Probably seems real to the people doing the missing, the ones who made the choice, but it’s one of those things should have been considered under a heavier burden of wisdom before the fact. I pity anyone doing that kind of missing, but it’s one of those rare occasions where there’s just nobody worth blaming. The people who’d seem worthy of blame at first glance are phantom enough and lacking enough in substance to be carried off by that wind. Anyone who believes or trusts them has to do it with eyes squeezed tightly shut and a strong ulterior motive for believing. Gracias, J

  3. Hi Jules, It is tragic that so many of either sex were aborted. It is an evil that society and especially those who selected abortion and those that had one will have to live with all their lives. Then there is the over abundance of boys in some nations. That is going to create problems that I’m not sure we can imagine yet. The results are things only time will tell where the nations are concerned. May the God of Heaven forgive those who did away with their babies no matter the reason. Blessings, M.

  4. If females are meant to be actually more than 50% of births, and the number of living humans is predominantly male, it sure seems like there is something going on. Could be we people are finding a new way to cure overpopulation?
    Sure, selective abortion is going to be part of it – but most of these places don’t have good medical care and wouldn’t have a clue what gender Baby is until they hold it.
    There is also ‘honour killing’ which never is done to males, and leaving young and old widows to starve because – ewww! – they are USED and no one wants a used wife! Can’t let a woman work for her own survival, either, they might get ideas about not needing men. As long as societies believe males are worth more than females, then women will die. Be it before birth, shortly after, or when they get raped by a gang and then hung by a crowd for the sin of being raped. Maybe if we stop living just to please the various Gods of Heaven and work on being the Humans of Earth, there won’t need to be any abortions or murders.

    • heretherebespiders: Evidently it varies a bit, but the average seems to be 105 F to 100 M in a properly operating atmosphere of sweetness and light. I don’t know what manner of ‘if we’ would do the job, but most have been put to the test a while before they were put to the sword. Gracias, J

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