Onion ice cubes, jalapeno ice cubes

onion ice cube jalapeno ice cube

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.  This is an idea of mine that worked out really well.  Hell, it wasn’t my idea.  It was Jeanne’s.  But I’m the one put that whole bag of onions in the blender, liquified them, and poured them into ice cube trays.  Jeanne just thought of it because the onions go bad so quickly these days.

Anyway, even before the low sodium fanaticism and the sexual experimentation with various foods that followed, counting sodium mgs the way other people count calories, even before that I used a LOT of onions, a lot of jalapeno [and other peppers].

But Jeanne’s ice cube idea throws the entire thing into a new realm.  A new threshold, new horizon of culinary potential.  And you don’t have to chop them every damned time you get hungry and start searching for something to cook.

The onions turn into tiny onion chips when thawed, and a lot of onion juice.  They make an onion broth quicker than I can type it.  And the jalapeno ice cube are great anywhere.  Shove a popsicle stick into them and you have a jalapeno popsicle.  Otherwise just use them the way you’d normally use a jalapeno shaped like an ice cube.

Remember where you heard it first.  It was here.  Not Jeanne’s Library blog.  But if I could think of a way to keep them from melting I’d send some postcard style to her Johnson County Library Postcard Art project.  Because damn me, these are art.  Tastiest damned art I’ve ever eaten.

Old Jules


16 responses to “Onion ice cubes, jalapeno ice cubes

  1. Genius. Quite the cook today, eh?

  2. darn that’s a new idea.

  3. Try aloe ice cubes for sun burns.

  4. These would be good in a bloody Mary!

    • Hi swabby. Just might be. I haven’t done any bloody mary dipping in a few years, but if I’m ever pronounced terminal in an hour I’ll order one up. Gracias, J

  5. I’ve frozen chopped onions when I’ve had bumper crops and they start to go soft in pantry storage – works well. Hadn’t thought of doing them as ice cubes but I can see it would work well too. I freeze cubes of olive oil and basil (whirled together in the food processor then poured into ice cube trays) – great way to save basil and the cubes work really well in cooking. Now you’ve got me thinking of other frozen cube possibilities from my garden…perhaps cilantro…?

    • Hi Laurie. Cilantro’s great chopped up and frozen, except you’ll find you can’t keep enough of it around. Once it’s that easy to toss in a batch you’ll discover more is even better. I also chop up green onions and freeze them. But cilantro and green onions, not as ice cubes. Gracias, J

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