Asian dark slapstick – Charlie Chaplin wrestles Adolph Hitler for laughs

Hi readers.  Hilariaous movie — not sure which Asians made it. 
But incredibly, one of the early bit characters appears to be the identical great-grandsonish twin of the guy who plaiyed Steve McQueen’s assistant in the engine room of the Sand Pebble.  The guy who got captured by the angry revolting Chinese and was strung up being tortured when Steve McQueen shot him with a 1903 Springfield from the deck of the Sand Pebble.
Anyway, you’ll recognize him in the early scenes dealing with the monster fish until that final one when the fish gets him.  Same look of agony as his final moment in Sand Pebbles.
Streaming on Netflix:  Journey to the West 2013PG-13 109 minutes, Chen Xuanzang, who fights evil with love and nursery rhymes, clashes with Duan, a showy female warrior who’s in it for the thrill of the hunt. More Info Starring: Qi Shu, Zhang Wen Director: Stephen Chow
Heck of a fun movie.  If blood and guts bothers you, just remember it’s only a movie, after all.  Chinese these days aren’t making their lampshades out of human skin, so even if the Asians who made this movie are Chinese, the blood and guts isn’t necessarily real.
Old Jules

2 responses to “Asian dark slapstick – Charlie Chaplin wrestles Adolph Hitler for laughs

  1. I guess I need to see those Chinese movies. I like blood and guts.

    • DizzzyDick: Plenty of that in movies of all national origins. I’m betting you’d like some from Mexico, too. Some good ones out there, though bloodier than an abatoir. Gracias, J

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