Palin and Clinton’s surprising similarities

Hi readers.  I don’t know much at all about politicas and political figures.  But I lived through the Clinton years and couldn’t avoid a middling familiarity with Clinton’s wife, wossname.  Margery?  Anyway, the woman who was such good friends with, and a supporter of Janet Reno.

A business partner with her old man in all the real estate dealings in Arkansas that would have landed me, or you readers, in jail.  I’d sum the Clinton woman up as a selfish, venal female at worst, and someone who oughtn’t be involved in politics, at best.

But now that there’s been a black American in the White House female Americans have begun digging around to find some warm body of almost any description, minus male genitals, to occupy it next.  And I’ve seen the name of this one bandied about, seen people I’d ordinarily attribute good sense to, people I’d otherwise respect, mention her name in the same sentence with the phrase Oval Office.

Okay, so the black American occupying the White House is something of a mangy dog we all expected a lot better from.  Or most of us did.  I don’t recall expecting more myself, but I know I heard people talking at the time as though they expected a lot.  Ore at least expected SOMETHING.  It came as something of a shock to a lot of people that they’d elected a black white man.

 But equally surprising is the evident need on the part of otherwise potentially sane American womanhood to trump the whole thing downward.  To elect a white man woman to the White House who will almost certainly neutralize the concept of electing a woman to the office might make things better.

In the interest of fairness, I thought I should learn something about the woman the other party was excited about somewhat recently.  Palin.  Attractive, intelligent looking woman about whom I know almost nothing.

So I watched a couple of movies on Netflix about her.

Sarah Palin: The Undefeated2011PG-13117 minutes This documentary recounts the sudden and surprising emergence of Sarah Palin as a national political figure after two years as Alaska’s governor. Cast: Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart, Mark Levin  Genre: Documentaries, Biographical Documentaries, Social & Cultural Documentaries, Political Documentaries  This movie is: Controversial, Provocative

Sarah Palin: You Betcha!2011NR91 minutes Filmmaker Nick Broomfield tracks down friends, relatives and colleagues of polarizing Alaska politician Sarah Palin in this irreverent documentary. Cast: Nick Broomfield, Chuck Heath, Sarah Palin Genre: Documentaries, Biographical Documentaries, Political Documentaries This movie is:  Irreverent, Controversial

I came away puzzled a lot worse than I was when I began.  I’m left with the distinct impression that in all ways that matter the Palin woman is indistinguishable from the Clinton woman.  Shallow, venal, malicious, probably insufferable at a personal one-on-one level.

Can’t help wondering whether all women in politics are just cardboard cutouts with everything inside being everything nobody ought to want in a politician.  Same, probably, as black men.  White men, too, for that matter.

Old Jules




8 responses to “Palin and Clinton’s surprising similarities

  1. Some people are (mildly) excited about Elizabeth Warren, though. But she’d be steamrolled by the party if she’d ever attempt at running against Hill. And few know her anyway. We’re screwed.

  2. I like the way you write. You have an uncanny way of putting my thoughts into words. . .

  3. I think the main difference between the two is bigotry. Clinton appears to respect other people and minorities, while Palin panders to ignorance and prejudice.

  4. Don’t know what kind of person Sarah is but, she comes across as someone you could sit down to tea or coffee with and have a pleasant chat. The HC gal gives me the creeps just like obummer does. Just a few thoughts on the difference in a country type gal who has hunted big game and one who is involved with crime herself. I might have things I could visit with Sarah about, hunting, shooting, guns, raising children…..but, Hillery, I can’t think of a thing we have we could visit about and I can just see her treating me like I was dirt because I can’t give her any political favors or I’m not in the proper sociopolitical/economic class. Blessing. M

    • Hi [I’m assuming you’re] Mary. All I know about the woman is what I saw in the films I linked in the blog article. Interviews with her neighbors, one-time friends, lifelong associates, people who’ve done business with her, whom she trusted, people who trusted her. I base my opinion on those, to the extent I have an opinion. Incidently, she isn’t a country girl, though she has indeed fired a rifle. Hell, plenty of women have fired rifles and killed beasties without being anything to admire. Anyone to trust, anyone anybody else would deliberately defer to. If you watch the film you might decide you have a different view ….. the second one linked, … I don’t recall the first one. Gracias, J

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