Israeli strong man Netanyahu vows to avenge casualties suffered by occupation forces.

Hi readers.  Those two disabled female freedom fighters killed by Israeli occupation forces when they shelled a Gaza Handicapped Center are only the first step, Netanyahu said.

 “We are more determined than ever to find a final solution to this Palestinian issue.  Henceforth all non-Jewish occupants of the Israeli/Palestine region will be required to wear yellow stars sewn in plain view onto their outer clothing.”  The Israeli strong man went on to tell newsmen of remote ‘special camps’ his government is building to deal with unemployed troublesome Palestinians.

Masada will not fall again,” Netanyahu declared, “If we have to preemptively kill every man, woman and child in the occupied territories to prevent it!”  The strong man went on to assure US and British journalists that “Once we get this Palestinian issue resolved Israeli will not seek to conquer additional territories.  Unless we are provoked.

Onlookers cheered and enthusiastic Zionists swooned in anticipation for putting the vacated lands to use as kibbutzes.

Old Jules

22 responses to “Israeli strong man Netanyahu vows to avenge casualties suffered by occupation forces.

  1. Ami J Kopstein shared Noah Budin’s status.
    22 minutes ago
    Here’s a parable: An Israeli is walking down the street in France when he sees a little girl being attacked by a dog. The Israeli picks up a stick and beats the dog until it dies, saving the little girl. A reporter rushes up to the man and says, This will make a great headline! Frenchman Saves Little Girl’s Life!” And the Israeli says, “I’m not French.” The reporter says, “Oh, well, then: European Thwarts Vicious Dog Attack.” And the Israeli says, “I’m not European.” The reporter asks, “Well, what are you, then?” The Israeli says, “I’m Israeli.” “Oh,” the reporter says. “Israeli Kills Beloved Family Pet.”
    Ami J Kopstein shared The Prime Minister of Israel’s photo.
    25 minutes ago
    Hamas vs Israel
    Tyranny vs Democracy
    Prison and assault on civilians vs protecting all civilians
    Building destructive arsenal vs building protective systems
    Importing WMDs vs allowing supply to arrive to Gaza
    Exporting death and destructi… See More
    The difference between us is simple: We develop missile-defense systems to protect our citizens, while they use their citizens to protect their missiles. And this is what makes all the difference.

  2. Ami J Kopstein shared a link via iOS.
    Five myths about the Gaza crisis
    By David Aaron Miller
    From the Washington Post.

    My comments:
    An excellent analysis and unfortunately his one Caveat has come to pass – Hamas missiles aimed at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa occurred and that is a game changer with indeed unpredictable outcomes!

    Five myths about the Gaza crisis
    1John Kerry’s failed peace process led to the crisis. There are many downsides to spending nine months trying to achieve an Israeli-Palestinian agreement when one was never possible. But the notion,…

    • Noted. Afterthought: I’ve wondered for some while, Ami, whether you aren’t actually in the hire of Arabs or other Jew baiters and haters. You make my points far better than I could make them myself, but if you’re deliberately coming and posting comments here to bring the stereotype every Jew hater in history used to indict Jews and justify anything they did to them, you are earning your pay. I’ve been tempted to not allow your comments for that very reason. You are the embodyment of a stereotype that’s caused 2000 years of suffering for Jews. Or the hired characature of that stereotype. I’m not qualified to judge which. I do know you were a strange one back in the mid-1960s in Point Comfort, Texas, jogging around with a backpack full of rocks. J

  3. Jules old man
    Your logic and sarcasm are for the birds why don’t you leave your therapy which is a waste and go to southern Israel and check the facts for yourself.
    Those poor girls were kept above a HAMAS command post and those there were warned to leave the floor below them was hit!

    What Israel is doing is protecting itself not like the shameful wars in Iraq, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Sudan etc.

    When a Jew protects himself all of a sudden fruit cakes like you find it necessary to lecture us about our moral standing!

  4. Doesn’t the Bible predict that Israel will be invaded by an army from the north. Isn’t Russia north of Israel??

  5. Thank you for making it so clear where you stand. An intelligent person who prefers to believe lies because of his personal hatreds is a lesson to all of us.

    • ShimonZ: It always comes back to that, doesn’t it? And I’ll confess I do hate to see you guys and your genetic cousins killing one another. Cousins of those of you who didn’t wander off to Europe and elsewhere for a couple-thousand years, I should have said. A person just can’t stand off in the distance and observe what both sides are doing without developing a strong sense of distaste and disgust for the lot of you. Likely you’ll get your wish and still be killing one another by 2114 and anyone who remarks the futility of it will still be an anti-semite. I’ll confess you’re all a lesson to all of us. A lesson we haven’t learned, but should pay special attention to. J

      • Actually with you having started the war in Iraq which has never been stable since and having Guantanamo Bay where people are held without trial and are tortured for years,it seems you are not such a virtuous lot yourselves.As for Britain,I could fall into the black hole of Calcutta and die,the way I feel sometimes…..
        I too was and am profoundly affected by the photographs of the children shot on the beach and more… ..I don’t need to imagine the pain you feel and pain leads to rage.
        We were told when young to write such things down and then burn them.. not to prove what big boys we are by putting them on the World Wide Web.I know one feels better after writing such stuff .. but do you want it out there always?

        • KatherineB: Just goes to prove nobody’s perfect. The Brits, the French, the Israelis, the US, we’re hardly any better than a bunch of Arabs and Semitic Jews who didn’t run off to Europe for 2000 years. Why would I be concerned wether the post is out there always? I won’t be alive always and not enough people read the blog who have any power so’s they could force Israel to try to be a good neighbor to anyone. If the blog is still out there after 1] the world ends, or, 2] Israel withdraws to within its own legal borders, I suppose maybe people won’t find it to read anymore.

          Gracias, Jack

          • I think it’s silly saying nobody’s perfect ..I think hate fuelled writings are not a great idea…who knows what contorted mind may be triggered into action by them.
            It may feel good when you write it but it made me feel sick…I know it can feel very good when you write it but I also know you are a highly moral person…I hope not to leave detritus when I die
            Still,why do I bother?

          • KatherineB: I haven’t written any hate filled writings on this blog. However, I’ll consider your admonishment should I ever be tempted to write anything hate-filled. Meanwhile there’s plenty happening between Israel and Palestine and it appears to be based in hatred without my having caused it. Good luck not leaving any detritus when you die. Gracias, J

          • Maybe it’s not hate filled…I guess you express yourselves more boldly then we do here..I knew a very clever poet from Texas once…he was blunt I suppose.
            I too feel bad about the Middle East and we all wonder when they will realize they can’t go on this way.. and the photographs are having such an impact.Israel can’t be removed… but the Palestinians need their own place…will they accept less than the whole country?
            It’s tough when no effort is made by either to see things from a different perspective.Maybe that was what you wanted to do by creating shock..

          • Hi Katherine: When Israel withdraws its military and settlements to within the borders established in 1947 by the UN I suppose the question of whether Palestinians will accept less than the whole country will become a matter of concern. Today the question should more appropriately be whether Israel will settle for the country its been provided by international law and allow the Palestinians dominion over what’s been designated as theirs by the UN. I’m aware my view isn’t sympathetic to the [secular – yes, secular] State of Israel. My reason being there’s plenty of expression by apologists for Israel. Nobody gets shocked by excuses for Israel occupying anything they wish to occupy, killing anyone standing in their way. But I agree it can be shocking to see a cold appraisal of the truth. Jack

  6. Hey Jules: Been searching for a link to the quotes of Netanyahu that you used. Would you be so kind to let us know where you got those quotes?

    • BWatson: I made ’em up. The post was intended to illustrate a point and provoke thought by literary license and allusion. There’s been a temptation over the years to present one side as good guys, the other as lunatic fanatics. There are no good guys. They’re all lunatic fanatics, all related for the most part. Just two different religions in a death grip of one anothers throats. J

  7. OK…. enough is enough? after nearly 6000 years of history recording the disgusting, despicable atrocities that both these Semite cousins have inflicted upon each other and the terminal cancer they have infected my planet with (and likely many thousands of unrecorded years prior to that) maybe the only course of action is some Radiation Therapy. Turn ALL the Middle East sands into glass and get rid of ALL these stupid hatred driven motherfuckers. The world would immediately become a much healthier and saner place for the rest of us non-Semites. We’ll let Rabbi Weiss and Cat Stevens and their folks leave before we enter the launch codes, they get it! All the apologists and hate mongers on both sides can eat shit and die. There is truly no other solution.
    Yeah……. I hate it when i go the PC sugarcoating route too…..sorry about that.

    • Hi Rich. That’s the trouble with us goody-two-shoes anti-semites trying to interfere in what God told those people to do to one another. The glass suggestion is definitely over the top. That’s what the Holy Bible’s trying to communicate: they want to kill one another. They like to kill one another. They’ll try to kill anyone who tries to stop them from killing one another and whine and complain something awful if they don’t succeed, or if anyone succeeds in slowing them down killing one another. Anti-semites need to tend their own affairs. Spend more time killing Mexicans crossing the Border, or one of those other places where they don’t speak English. Let the Semites do what God wants them to do. They’re good, honest people just trying to do what they think is right. Always have been. Gracias, J

  8. Well,I have never read anything like it in my life……….I am stunned

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