Are Palestinians behaving like Jews? Jews behaving like Palestians? What would Jesus say?

Hi readers.  If you’ve been noticing the Hamas terrorists and the Israel government sponsored terrorists composing their military all seem similar, there’s a reason.  They’re all genetically identical.

Israel is behaving the way the fanatics in the countries around them behave because they’re all just kinfolks.  There’s no difference in them aside from a sprinkling of religion, mainly Judaic in nature.  All going back to the ancient Abraham who was ready to sacrifice his son with a knife on an altar.  Because he thought he heard God tell him to do it.  Is it any mystery Muslims and Jews have a lot of issues with THAT seething down underneath it all?

Hell, there are probably legions of modern-day self-proclaimed holy men over there on both sides declaring God’s telling them they have to sacrifice their genetic cousins.  And legions of others on both sides listening and believing.

It sure as hell wouldn’t surprise me.

And I should mention, legions of people in the church-houses all over Europe and the US are cheering for Israel.  Because there’s a trophy if Israel land-grabs the temple mount and builds a new temple where the Mosque sits.

Got that?  Tears down the Mosque on the temple mount which doesn’t belong to them.  And rebuilds the Hebrew temple that used to sit there.

The prize, Christians believe, is the Second Coming of Christ.  As predicted by John the Divine or someone.  When Solomon’s temple is rebuilt Christ will return.

Well jeeze.  No wonder everyone’s ignoring these temporary acts of savagery Israel’s doing on the cousins.  It’s only temporary because everything will be set straight when Christ comes back.  According to the Bible or something, I reckons.

Need to read through this again, or have you got it tucked together in your minds in ways you can understand it?

Old Jules

13 responses to “Are Palestinians behaving like Jews? Jews behaving like Palestians? What would Jesus say?

  1. Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
    Hey, maybe Hamas should just start shooting rockets into Israel to get even. How about that? Duh!

    Ever heard of the carpet bombing of Dresden Germany during world war two? Not too nice for the innocents. Was it? Maybe we western types are all war criminals for bombing Germany because Hitler was a short guy with black hair and a little black mustache rather than blond hair and blue eyes and he must’ve felt overwhelmed by that.

    But we haven’t learned anything about killing, since Cain and Able. Most all the people I meet are pretty nice as a people. Christians don’t go for murder to get converts or threaten death for apostasy. You may get excommunicated for apostasy but not killed. You are left to God’s judgement.

    I don’t think religion enters into this much right at this point. At least not on the side of the Jews. The Muslims think that all the Jews should die and that’s why they were such buddies with Adolf Hitler during World War II. But Hitler didn’t get the job done.

    When I was in Israel and spent time in Jerusalem, I didn’t see many Jews at all. Almost everyone I saw was a Muslim. They were really nice guys. The food was good and we were there to see the son of the head Imam because his dad just died. We even got to go inside if the Dome of the Rock and see that place that they sacrificed the animals in the original JEWISH/HEBREW temple. By the way that sacrifice was a picture of the final sacrifice of Christ to come. Also, God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to prove him with no intention of letting him do it, but Abraham past that test as God called out to Abraham to not hurt the boy and that he had proven his live to God be being willing to sacrifice his son, as God Himself was going to do with His own Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who was to come hundreds of years in their future. Note Isaac’s question to his father, “Father, here is wood and here is fire but where is the Lamb for the sacrifice?” Abraham replied, God will provide Himself the lamb.” In that day the ram was caught in the thicket by it’s horns stuck in the brush, but He died in Christ in Jerusalem some 700 years later. He died as a sacrifice so that all men on earth can be reconciled by His death paying for our wrongs if we accept His plan or if we reject it we go to final judgement with no advocate (lawyer) on our behalf. Not a great position to be in. Sounds academic? Won’t be in that last day and/ or the day of an unbeliever’s death.


    • Hi Chuck. How’s the weather in Chicago? Jack

      • Hot and humid! Lots of rain. I spend a lot of time with the cats!
        I feel so lucky to have such friends.

        • Hi Chuck. Yep, cats are people you can, if not trust, at least not trust consistently. Incidently, that euthanasia incident with the death penalty guy in Arizona has me wondering if I’d ever trust a vet to the grim job of killing a terminally ill pet. I can trust myself to do a job of that sort right, but I wouldn’t trust the Arizona State Government. They’d have the cats dying of old age, probably getting healthier while waiting for the medications to kick in and release their seat belts from the vale of tears. Gracias, J

          • I have been blessed in having Hunter still alive after a serious battle with some virus or something. We just got Sparky operated on for an exploratory search for intestinal trouble and it was nothing apparent and with Medes he is back? Smartest little cat I have ever known, a real wheeler-dealer. It is quite a social system they have there.
            I really love them. I saved the pix of your black & while longhair or Jeanne’s.

            Be well !

            aka Chicken Little

          • Chuck: Scratch’em behind the ears for me. J

  2. American Evangelicals have invested many times more money in Israel than all American-Jewish groups combined, if you can wrap your mind around it. Scary stuff.

    • Christians trying to play God, I reckons. Wasn’t so long ago they wouldn’t let Jews into their country clubs. But letting them into the country club wouldn’t bring Jesus back. Gracias, J

  3. Well, hell. Let’s all go over there and rebuild that temple already: so when Jesus doesn’t show up, all this murderous crap can stop. I’m so disgusted with religion being thought a valid reason to kill.

    • Naturally there’s bound to be a downside heretherebespiders. If nobody was killing because of religion they’d probably find something more objectionable to kill one another about. Gracias, J

    • Who is in favor of killing? Not me. But the beat goes on. It will not quit until The Lord returns. But all evangelicals don’t think all’s well. However, anyone might get mad if they were being hit with scores of rockets. are they being provoked to murder? They are in favor of murder and say as much. But who knows if we are hearing the truth about what is happening there. I have friends very involved there. I will ask what they think of the realities on the ground. Hamas still makes like Dr. Who’s Daleks: “EXTERMINATE !! EXTERMINATE !!”
      Most folks just want to live. Let you know what my friends say. Got back from there not too long ago.

      • Hi Chuck: The status quo is Israel occupying land outside its boundaries and beating the bejesus out of the people with bullets shells and bombs who have a rightful claim to the land they illegally occupy. You summarize the problem with Hamas shelling Israel. The only way you are able to do that is from a platform of apology and bias in favor of Israel, implying as they [Israelis] do that the other side [anyone living in the occupied lands] fired the first shots and are responsible for getting bombed and occupied and driven out of their homes. Because, Chuck, you are firmly entrenched on the side of Israel and are by default in tacit approval of anything they do, willing to believe any excuse they make, or make up excuses for them.

        The casualties over te past few weeks weren’t Hamas. They were just people weho happened to be downrange. People who live there and have a right by international law to be there and live in their houses. Your blanket approval of their slaughter is spiritually akin to the tacit approval the US government, the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the aristocracy of the US lived regarding the treatment of the Jews in Germany.

        Approving and supporting Israel just because they happen to be Jews, some of them [it’s a secular state] is supporting and apologizing for state terrorism, war and half century of robbing a powerless population indigenous to the area longer than the European Zionist latecomers.

        Of course both sides and been guilty. One side is a government. The other side is a conglomeration of people who’ve been carefully forbiddeen a government of any kind. Because bad as any government is, it would provide a platform for boundaries to exist, a platform for ‘legal’ protest to exist when its lands were invaded by a neighboring state.

        I’m surprised, Chuck, to see you writing these words here, taking the side you’re taking. I’ve always thought you were an actual Christian in your faith. A Christian of the ‘blessed are the peacemakers’ sort of Christian, as opposed to the ‘smite them hip and thigh’ old testy type.


        • Jack
          We are traveling on a train right now and I tried to reply and didn’t get my thoughts together and edited and the partial may have been sent as we were ordering breakfast. I will send this and reply a little.

          Again what is happening in this killing is horrid. All I hear and see are the results of IED’s as in Afghanistan and elsewhere and hear of rockets being sent into Israel.

          My son is married to an Iranian-American family and we just visited with them a couple days ago. Jack, I hate to kill even insects in the house much less people and I haven’t seen or heard much of this being out of internet range mostly. I want Israel, the land I visited, to be “ok” and Hamas seems like a shadow group within Gaza I can’t quite understand. During dinner with the family I heard of certain offenses by Israel, within Israel, that I was unaware of that seem very unfair, if true. I haven’t forgotten the 6-Day’s War and the missile attack on our ship by Israel into the communications room and killing some of our people. Remember again my family and experiences in Israel with Muslims and locals.

          Have you read “The Israel Lobby?” Different view of their influence on us.

          I must really say I am under informed on these actions and am effected by current reporting but view this action/war with sick horror. But if the “Israel must die” crowd would cut it out there could be a solution.

          Did you see “The Chosen?” The Hassidic Jews were against the French/English action after WWII.

          I will be more careful and try not to be biased but after 911 terrorism of the rocket type if blind killing and terror bombing tend to short circuit my objectivity. Not to speak of the deaths if the last week which I am out of reach of mostly until tonight.

          With the Hassidic folks, God tossed the Jews out of Israel so I am unclear about anything biblical about their return. Please don’t judge me and assume anything and I will be instructed and try to wake up rather than rah-rah for the “poor Israelis” your comments on my ChristiN experience are maybe a bit harsh, but the Lied knows. Remember the verse in the Bible, I think in the OT, “In the multitude of words (talk) there wanteth not sin.” Perhaps He just wants me to shut up, pray, and leave it up to Him to oversee all this.

          I really don’t keep up. I even have trouble keeping up with your blog. Rather do it personally by phone or email . I also don’t like Facebook. Eileen got after me on [DD] for talking politics with “a” person and forgetting the others listening. All I want is real peace. We have our own moral issues to deal with on the Southern border. We got lots of room but let’s use sense all the way around and forget politics!

          Peace: I still owe you about “$72 you know” Duh!!!!! Still got your files and spreadsheets if you ever want them back,

          Chicken Little**

          **Don’t look now. The sky just might be falling !”

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