Don’t trust the vet to euthanize your terminally ill pets

Hi readers.  If that death penalty fiasco in Arizona didn’t teach anything else worth knowing, it taught that.  If Arizona State Department of Corrections took over the animal killing from the Humane Society the animals would all be dying of old age, getting healthier while everyone waited with bated breath for the final solution.

Thank goodness it was a human being they did that to instead of a cat.

Old Jules

4 responses to “Don’t trust the vet to euthanize your terminally ill pets

  1. Man, that’s the TRUTH, we just euthanized our cancer ridden Boston Terrier Monday afternoon, he was gone in 5 minutes, never twitched and never felt a thing beyond some brief discomfort when the catheter was inserted. I don’t get why it is such a monumentally terrible ordeal for humans to endure but hell, I don’t get the death penalty either. Could it be the mercy drugs are acceptable to the Higher Power and vengeance drugs are looked down upon as an abomination by the same? Maybe there’s a message there for the frothing at the mouth Justus demanding deathmongers? Something about no asterisks following “Thou Shalt Not Kill” with a mile long list of exclusions possibly? Nah, they’re all good Christians, upstanding citizens and wonderful human beings. Just ask them.

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