What do Christians owe to Israel? Mocking scorn and boycott, according to Jesus

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If Israel were a religious, rather than secular nation, pointing out THOU SHALT NOT STEAL is a commandment.  But Israel deliberately chose to become a secular state.  A state where Christians, Muslims and Jews would all be treated equally.  Where stealing just ain’t all that big a deal if you can get by with it.  If you’ve got heavier artillery than the folks you’re stealing from.

A friend of mine, a mainline Christian of US lineage, supports Israel and always has.  He reads and believes the Israeli websites pointing fingers of blame away from Israel and carefully examining ‘what’s been done to Israel’ and the spotlighted victimized Israel loves to portray.  Along with muted Holocaust innuendo so’s to keep him from examining Israeli reality.  Using the tragedy of the camps to enrich themselves with stolen land.

Because US Christians have responded to Israel’s guilt-button pushing so long it’s almost impossible for a Christian to take an honest look at Israel without remembering Christian treatment of Jews throughout history and deluging Israel with cleansing forgiveness.  For anything.  Closing the eyes because Christians slaughtered Jews for 2000 years.

And Christians do so hope to see the Second Coming of Jesus.  Who couldn’t overlook the stealing by Israel of the land the Temple of Jerusalem sat on so’s to hasten Jesus coming back?  Stealing it back and killing any SOB Palestinian standing in the way of Jesus coming back.  Nobody likes Palestinians anyway.  Israel’s had a propaganda machine working 24/7 to make sure of that.

But that isn’t what Jesus would do, is it? Jesus don’t like stealing, even if it’s Jews doing it.  Jesus don’t like killing, even if it’s Jews doing it.

If Jesus could somehow preemptively come back today without waiting for Israel to tear down that mosque and rebuild the Temple, what do you think he’d say?

  • I think he might say Blessed are the peacemakers,
  • I think he might say, put some teeth into enforcing International Law against them, same as you’ve done in other countries,
  • I think he might say Boycott those bastards and quit selling them weapons to help them hold on to their ill-gotten gains.
  • I think he might say, Shun them
  • Because it’s the Christian thing to do.

Shunning Israel without reverting to keeping regular, honest Jews out of the country clubs or herding them into camps in the Christian countries ought to add some novelty to riding herd on International piracy by Israel.

Old Jules

4 responses to “What do Christians owe to Israel? Mocking scorn and boycott, according to Jesus

  1. OK, Jules, you have ruffled my feathers. The Jews did enter the land God gave the 4000+ years ago and did STEAL it. They bought it piece by piece as each family came and bought homes and businesses. When there were enough of them to become the majority residents that were concerned about government they took over (not necessary majority population). They lived side by side with the last residents of the land. I don’t remember why the “Palestinians” ended up displaced. Not all of them did, many remain in Israel and live and work beside the Jews. The big problem is Hamas, a group of the Muslim religion which is more government than religion and they wage ware against the Jews….a hatred that goes all the way back to Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar and the birth of Ismael. When Sarah sent Hagar away that is when all the trouble started and has never stopped. Now, Revelation says the Jews will return to the Holy Land after a long time in exile. This exile starting in about 70 AD has lasted nearly 2000 years. No previous exile had lasted nearly that long. There are signs that the prophesies of the Old and New Testaments are in the process now. Probably started in 1948 (or was it ’49) when the UN declared Israel a state. Now, ALL the hatred toward the the Jews and ill treatment on anyone’s part is WRONG, just as wrong as when anyone treats someone bad. Many Christians felt it their duty tho mistreat Jews because it was Jews that caused Jesus to be crucified. But, there is a lot more to that story than a bunch of disgruntled religious leaders demanding his crusifiction. They were just pawns in the hands of God to give us a Savior by his crusifiction. IF the prophecy is in the process of being fulfilled then things are going as they are supposed to go. The Jews are doing what they are supposed to do and we have a leader who has taken us out of being friendly and helping Israel. We had already angered God with our abortion on demand and homosexual marriage just to name two. Our nation has become so evil that we don’t even recognize it…like the frog in the pot of cold water with a fire underneath. So now, we watch and wait and pray that we keep the faith and do what God wants us to do as the future unfolds. Blessings, M
    P.S. I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

    • Anonymous: Please don’t muddy the water around us. We might have to drink it soon. Israel stole, or is in the process of stealing the ‘occupied territories’ where it’s building settlements on land outside the boundareies established by International Law. Theft is theft. Whether God gave the land to them once, or didn’t. Israel is stealing land outside the legal boundaries established for it. Nobody knows the boundaries of the land God gave them. And the identities of whom he gave it to, and God’s laws concerning inheritance of property, adverse possession, statutes of limitations concerning ownership of property, and other God’s Laws are not known sufficiently well to attempt to resolve the problem. But the laws of men, International Law, and the United Nations interpretations and establishments of disputed boundaries, are understandable, current, and don’t rely on Hebrew lawyers to interprete them, Israeli soldiers to shoot everyone who disagrees with them. Jack

  2. You may assume a lot about others hearts and minds that you have no idea of: judgement that may be in error when judging others hearts with misplaced certainty and erroneous frame of reference.

    Too bad. I still hate this medium as I said. Won’t respond here any longer.

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