The Logical Ultimate Extreme – Those damned plastic dunes on Titan

Thanks to the orbital eccentricities of Saturn and its moon Titan, the equatorial dunes – made of sandlike plastic – appear to be going the wrong way. NASA Cassini radar

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Most of you have probably spent a lot of time pondering those drifting dunes of plastic the NASA Cassini craft discovered on Saturn’s moon, Titan.  And most of you have probably concluded, rightly, that it’s spillover from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch finally having reached Saturn.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Continues to Grow

It’s obvious that all those plastics partially digested by Mother Earth in the stomach of her ocean have been belched into outer space moving hastily enough to reach Titan and create drifting dunes.  Before Cassini arrived.

Which means NASA will be spending a lot of time in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch placing hopeful spacecraft in the way of earth belches.  The NASA budget cuts and ending most government funded space ventures makes earth belches the only practical means of sending anything of US origins into outer space.

But of course there’s another alternative explanation for those dunes of drifting plastic on Titan.  It’s the one the government doesn’t want you to know about because it confirms the existence of the Dreaded Green Men.  A whole civilization of them beginning, climbing to the top of their food chain, inventing plastics, and creating ocean garbage patches of their own.

Yeah, you read that right.  The reason those damned Titanians came to earth and crashed at Corona, New Mexico in 1947 was that they were looking for some empty space in the solar system where they could dump their damned plastics.

Hell, who do you think came up with the idea of selling water in bottles for a dollar each?  That idea didn’t originate on a planet 2/3 covered with water.  The entrepreneurs and engineers on earth reverse-engineered the whole concept from the Roswell UFO crash.  Along with memory metal frames for eyeglasses.


Old Jules


6 responses to “The Logical Ultimate Extreme – Those damned plastic dunes on Titan

  1. That’s alright, blame it all on the poor aliens who crashed in Roswell. But it does make sense now. Thanks Jack

  2. But, but, but … what about the space elevator?

    • Hi Ed. I’m not saying it’s not technically possible the technologies could be developed and the engineering challenges overcome. No way of knowing, but they might could be. But loss of a human life, or a few human lives always had the Space Program teetering on the brink of oblivion each event, fighting to survive. A 50 mile high structure seems to me to offer a lot of opportunities for the intervention of the unexpected, to say the least. A lowest bidder approach to the project ought to assure there’s an O-ring somewhere vital to slow the progress. Clarke said it would be developed 50 years after everyone stopped laughing. I’d make that an even hundred to offset the lowest bidders. Nice idea though. Jack

  3. Like your line of thinking here. We can’t eliminate all the possibilities, and it seems quite likely to me that there is a super intelligence out there somewhere beyond this little piece of the Universe.

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