Battlefield nuke circa 1964 – The Davy Crockett

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Davy Crockett battlefield nuke

I came across this recently declassified pic of the Davy Crockett missile and couldn’t resist posting it.  Probably the first tactical nuclear weapon anywhere.  We had a battalion of these in Korea in the 1st Cavalry Division, and probably there were a lot more in the other units along the DMZ.  In those days even the name, “Davy Crockett” was classified.

The one depicted here isn’t precisely the same as those in the 1st Cavalry Division, though.  Ours were mounted on  3/4 Ton trucks and unless my memory is flawed I think ours were larger diameter than this.

I’ve never seen a picture of a Davy Crockett before.  They sure-as-hell weren’t allowing any shutterbugs loose in the vicinity of the Special Weapons / Division Artillery in those days.  I did, however, see a lot of diagrams, both internal and external.  I wish I’d been interested enough to remember some of it.

Anyway, we had enough of those just in the 1st Cavalry Division to spark WWIII. Probably with some left over for WWIV.

Probably nowadays they’re all re-deployed to Israel and pointed all their neighbors except Palestine.  Conventional weapons will take care of Palestinians just fine until they get them into the camps for the final solution.

Old Jules

7 responses to “Battlefield nuke circa 1964 – The Davy Crockett

  1. Par for the course! You abuse the term Final Solution which was the Nazi Plan devised to exterminate all living Jews and their heritage.

    • Hi my brothah leanpower. Actually I’m familiar with the ‘final solution’ phrase and the meaning, origin of it. Same as the plan by Israel to continue taking land outside its legal boundaries away from your neighbor, Palestine, and occupy it yourselves. And get rid of the people who own the place. I’ll agree you guys haven’t come right out and admitted you intend to exterminate them, but you’ve proved countless times you’re willing to slaughter them wholesale at the slightest excuse. I’m an American, so I tend to try to extropolate, which you, as an Israeli living a moment-by-moment reality built on excuses and lies, aren’t equipped to do. But trust me. Exterminating those Palestinians is what you have in mind, and stealing all that’s left of their land and possessions. Trust me on that. It’s what I meant by the term, final solution. I love you my bruthuh. Thanks for coming by. Jack

  2. They also had nukes as artillery shells when my son was in the Army. He was in self-propelled artillery and stationed in Germany.

  3. Was a taught a thing or two about those artillery nukes Dizzy mentioned, when I was in the artillery. Later as an MP, I was told something about the nuke stuff we were trained to guard. Yep, there’s way more of that stuff out there than anyone wants to admit.

  4. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you
    relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about,
    why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your site
    when you could be giving us something informative to read?

    • Hi Velma: I’ve posted a thousand plus blog entries here and only a few have videos. Maybe you can find what you’re looking for among them if you use the blog search facility. Thanks, J

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