Homeland Security: Just wait ’till you see the False Flag we’ve got for you 9/11/2014

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As I’ve made perfectly clear on this blog, I don’t trust this 21st Century US government and I don’t believe there’s a lowest common denominator the folks running it would stoop to.  Have probably already stooped to, to manipulate the minds of the citizenry, give themselves more power, and blame it on someone else.

Seems to me there’s enough going on today, and plenty of confusion for a setting, so’s the 9/11/2014 might be the next BIG DAY for them to roll out a new piece of theater.  I’m not saying it will happen, but I’m saying if it does, the possibility exists that having the day earmarked and frowning at it as it develops might lead to greater understanding after-the-fact.  Might seal off the emotions it’s contrived to create and allow clear thinking while examining it from the front.

Could be something with this silly Ebola thing they’ve been waving the bloody flag about seemingly trying to work up to something, but that doesn’t seem a likely candidate.  Too difficult to twist it around and blame it on the Arabs, or the Russians.  Or Iran, or North Korea.  Those have the best potential as boogiebears, but these folks are sneaky.  It could turn out to be something entirely unexpected.

But if someplace gets hit, say Japan, or the Golan Heights, or Paris, Edinwossname, Scotland [because of that Independence vote coming up] with a small thermonuclear device, say, hold in your mind the possibility it’s not as it seems.  That the Arabs, or the Russians, or the Persians, or whatever other usual suspect they point the finger at, aren’t the guilty parties.

Assuming this twitching at the back of my neck is correct and someone’s going to take advantage of the day to burn another one in your memories, it mightn’t be a nuke.  It might be something else calculated to have everyone running around in increasingly smaller circles giving up any constitutional rights standing in the way of destroying the alleged responsible parties.

And if it does transpire, probably we’ll all be doing precisely as we’re expected to do.  Those folks have studied us for a long time.  They know where to punch all the right buttons to make us salivate.

But they are doling out a few hints.  The Russian thing lately seems a good possibility, something about ISIS, North Korea is always good, maybe nuking Seoul or Tokyo.  And Israel’s been hoping for some really compelling means of getting us into a war with Iran for the LONGEST time.  And there’s ISIS.

Anyway, maybe keeping some distance, retaining some skepticism and analytical ability is the best any of us can hope for.

Or better yet, maybe it won’t happen.

Old Jules


4 responses to “Homeland Security: Just wait ’till you see the False Flag we’ve got for you 9/11/2014

  1. I’ve been thinking along the same lines, Jack. There’s a lot of fear mongering going on while they get ready to manipulate the populace from a different angle. I’m just going to go about my day, I can only manage so much drama at any given time.

    • Morning elroyjones. What can I say? I just ain’t that busy, as John Dean used to say to the Watergate Committee, “at this point in time”. But I’m having fun wasting time on this instead of something else. Seems to me I recall a guy named Pistol Morgan on his deathbead with cancer of the goozle lying there smoking a cigarette saying, “Hell, might as well do another crossword puzzle, I’ve got at least half-hour left to live.” Gracias, Jack

  2. While I have somewhat of a difficult time accepting any and all possibilities of something like that actually happening, I have no doubt that the Powers That Truly Be couldn’t catch wind of something being planned by the Notorious Axis of Evil (like they still don’t keep that list updated, huh?) and just not stand in its way if the ever-serving end justifies the never-innocent means.
    I will admit that there are and have been certain Administrations that I would rather have done (or not done) something like that than others, I will also assert that I don’t necessarily believe it’s an Administration calling as many shots as we would think.

    You’ve got to remember one thing:
    we live within a structure under which certain people can make boatloads of cash on a stock that plummets.
    There can be money to be made betting against ourselves.

    • Hi Amigo. You might well be right. I agree there’s some difficulty accepting the possibility of it, appropriately so. But looking back on what you and I have seen in our lifetimes, a lot more should have been difficult for us to have accepted than we did if we’d been less reluctant to accept it. Sheeze, I actually REMEMBER LBJ saying on television sometime after he used Gulf of Tonkin as an excuse to beef up the war and bombings of the North, that he din’t actually know what the hell Tonkin was. Mentioned the possibility of a whale. And that election that brought in JFK/LBJ and the graveyards in Texas at the last minute. It was there out in the open at the time but too unbelievable to accept. Which is why Nixon probably figured he could get by with Watergate. Hell if JFK could occupy the White House with graveyard votes the Prez must be immune to all possible consequences. Gracias, Jack

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