A new way to write


Hi readers.

A couple of weeks ago at the Gold River Auction in Olathe Jeanne found this thing for free because nobody bid on it. She gave me a call and asked if I’d like to have it. Seemed a strange concept to me, but I told her to snag it for me.

Believe it or not this thing is not electric, doesn’t require any software, and you can just type words into it to get them printed right away. No hassle with a printer, no hookups, no dried out printer-ink.

Jeeze! You just type into this thing and if there’s a sheet of paper in it, you end up with a page with what you typed right there already.

I love this thing.

Is this a great country, or what?

Old Jules

20 responses to “A new way to write

  1. I’ve got my mother’s stored in the garage and it still works, but note the operative word — Stored! Oh, don’t forget the liquid paper.

  2. Truly treasure I used to have a ‘portable’ Remington, which I’ve shipped to NYC and it arrived a few weeks after I’d moved to the U.S.
    When I went to retrieved at JFK airport, the Concord was about to land too. My first sight of the beautiful (and extremely noisy and anti-environment) bird; there’s now one forever parked at the Intrepid Museum here.
    Anyway, I should’ve kept the typewriter, since it’d belonged to my dad, and sticked to it no matter what. But the pull of electronic keyboards at work was stronger. Now I miss it. Sad cheers.

    • Not easy to digitize, though. And unless you have a lot of storage space you’d probably need to use it if you want to justify having it at all. Just my take. Gracias,, Old Jules

  3. Got one of those expensive German made, all steel one, did you? If typewriter is what you want, it’s hard to get one that’s better.

    • This one was probably expensive in its day but now it only enjoys the weight of being the product of better times. I’m definitely happy to have it, though it has limited usefulness. Free reduces the need for justification, thinks I. Gracias, Old Jules

  4. But you can’t share it easily with all of us from the wonderful typewriter.

    • I might have to figure something out. Thus far I’ve just written a couple of personal letters and one letter to the landlord property manager about my utility bill. I can’t fathom how a person could go online with that thing at the moment, but maybe the Internet will come toward it somehow. Heck, I never would have dreamed of cell phones, nor computers. The right wizard ought to be able to come up with something. Gracias, Old Jules

  5. Good luck finding ribbons for it.

  6. Before you know it, you’ll be making carbon copies in triplicate.

  7. People collect and pay good money for them things. You could sell it on eBay and get some extra cat treats for Mr Midnight! 😳

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