It’s no Disney World, but it still draws a lot of business

federal prison gated community

Hi readers.   Thanks for coming by.

A lot of you have probably never been to a federal prison, so I thought you might enjoy seeing one of our more famous local attractions.   A lot of people come here to see it and decide to stay a while.  It seems almost majestic to me, but of course I have a biased view, being a resident of the town.

People come from all over the country to see this place and hobnob with like minded residents.

Of course, there are five, or more prisons in this community [nobody seems sure] including one other federal one.   In addition to providing food and shelter for hundreds, maybe thousands of individuals, it’s a source of employment for multitudes.   In my coffee group meeting twice a month at the Council on Aging more than a fourth of the 20+ old guys who attend are retired from prison careers.    Interestingly, no long-time released inmates are part of the group.

Five gated communities in a single small urban environment might seem a lot for those accustomed to Santa Fe, Santa Barbara, or Tuscon.   But around here it feels just about right.    After all, there’d be no place for all those inmates to stay if we had fewer gated communities.

Old Jules

14 responses to “It’s no Disney World, but it still draws a lot of business

  1. Maybe not Disney but they have legendary Chili and Cornbread! They say a lot of residents commit crimes just to go back for the food!

  2. I know I’ve worked at a few public schools that felt like prisons.

  3. In France the cooks are and are trained to be French gourmets!
    They never serve Chili, just what would pass for 4 star plus meals!
    Imagine treating people with problems like humans instead of animals! It just won’t happen here!

  4. A nice place to visit I suppose, but I sure wouldn’t want to stay there. . . (grin)

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