I won’t tolerate rude behavior

Israeli soldier and a couple of Palestinian children in the ‘occupied territories’.

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How in the world did we human beings come to be such violent animals?

It’s tempting to conjecture it was after we became ‘civilized’, but that can’t be it.   A person would have to search deeply and far to find aboriginals who aren’t as savage as the Israeli soldier pictured above.    People anywhere no matter what their level of weaponry, cultural sophistication, religious convictions, when they discover someone has something they want, become savages.

And what they want doesn’t have to be, as in the case of the Israelis, land to steal from the people who own it.    Virtually anything of current value will do, and almost any quantity.    Or, failing that, when it comes to killing the ambiguous and abstract can serve as well.

I suppose we’re fond of telling ourselves that unlike our savage ancestors, our own killing and stealing is necessary, patriotic if it’s done by soldiery.   Or if it’s done because of some threat we can contrive the people we wish to kill or rob pose to our tribe.    From down in the streets in drive-by shootings all the way up through the braided channels of finance, race, ethnicity, language and tribe in the undercurrent of our lives.

Our males, young and old, abdicate their moral and ethical choices to politicians they wouldn’t trust to sell them a used automobile.   Politicians who tell them who to kill, who the enemy is.

We hate it when someone kills for reasons we can’t pin to a category that allows revenge by genre.     Some insane fanatic with no ethnic, religious, or philosophical axe to grind slips into a theater, school, mall and starts shooting, sets off a bomb, kills all those people without giving us a target for our reciprocal hatred.

And we aren’t comfortable enough to even talk about the fact so many of those lone killers are veterans, or otherwise somehow connected to the military, were trained by the military to kill.    Maybe because that gets entirely too close to the core of something nobody cares to think about.    School kids in the US aren’t who we trained them to kill, though the training sufficed anyway.

In one of the big movies of the last century a Texas Ranger named Woodrow Call takes the gun away from a bad person we didn’t like and proceeds to beat the bad guy almost to death.     After he’s pulled of the bleeding wreck by several men and a horse, he comments, “He was rude.   I don’t tolerate rude behavior.”  And the audience giggles with satisfaction.

What a puzzlement.     Where the hell did we get so violent?

Old Jules

17 responses to “I won’t tolerate rude behavior

  1. Like our cousins the chimpanzees, it’s just below the surface of human nature. Perhaps the question might also be, “Why can’t we be more decent?”

    • We can be more decent when someone’s looking and we wish to show off. On the other hand, we can also be less decent when someone’s looking and we wish to show off.

  2. If you stress a good natured dog enough it’ll turn just like people turn. And then you ad in a utopian vision that a group of people are standing in the way of, then you get the recipe for genocide.

  3. I have a feeling that given the right circumstances, everyone has the capability to be violent. The good thing is that most of us have learned to control our feelings, often hiding them completely and stressing our bodies, instead of lashing out at whoever offends us.

  4. I don’t think any of us believe we could be so “rude” but there it is in all of us, just buried really deep until the “right” moment.

  5. I know where mine comes from. I could only speak for myself. I believe we’re all capable of violence as much as we are of caring. It’s been a constant historically. And I don’t see things changing in the future. Keep asking the fluid questions. Static sucks.

  6. No shortage of takers to take your money, take your watch, take your house, take your youth, take your soul, take your mind, take your car, take your future, take your family, take your life, take your pride, take your peace of mind….
    Anything you’ve got someone will take even its just for the fun of it!

    • Seems to be the case. I’d be hard pressed to think of any exceptions. Gracias, Old Jules

      • It seems that the givers don’t stand a chance. So most of the givers are bargaining and the gifts aren’t free. Some one gives a little help and then they expect you to join their religion or something. The takers have always seemed to do pretty well, but the givers with conditions seem the most dishonest!

      • And that’s how animals got domesticated! We gave them food, and shelter and they gave up their freedom in exchange. It seems to have a long history and we do it to each other because it has worked so well! And when you won’t give up your freedom they kill you in frustration!

  7. Where did we get this? How? Since the dawning of time, we’ve used our basest animal nature to dominate other species, other humans. It has ever been thus. But this is a really interesting podcast, if you have the time: https://soundcloud.com/truth-politics-power/when-the-world-outlawed-war
    Aloha, Jules.

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