– Practical, changes through energy work, good, bad and ugly: (part one)

Jack wrote this in February 2006 when he was a member of several online metaphysics groups, including Reiki and other types of  energy healing:

Morning blogsters:

A couple of days ago in the comments section of one of the Metaphysics 101 entries it became obvious to me there’s a lot of confusion about the potential for energy work.  Partly it’s because there’s so much sweetness and light humbug associated with it among the practitioners.

The long history of persecution of energy workers in the Christian world has probably caused some over-reaction toward the other side.  A lot of Reiki Masters, for instance, have been trained to believe (and have believed, or profess to believe what they were taught) that the energies they use for healing can’t be used in ways contrary to what they might perceive as ‘positive’.

Similar beliefs are found among Silva practitioners, EFT workers, most dowser/healers, and others who wish to draw an inseparable boundary, both for themselves, and for those who know what they do, between themselves and those on the ‘other side’ of metaphysical practices (ie. black magick, et al).

It simply isn’t possible.

Many energy workers know this, though most will never say so in an open, public discussion.  But there’s a sound reason the use of metaphysical energy, energy conversion, energy projection requires a solid understanding of the disciplines involved.

The pablum approach, including any belief that energy projection/conversion can only be used for ‘good’ is a sure-fire means for neophytes to do a lot of damage, possibly to themselves, almost certainly to others.

On the other hand, there’s such a broad base of growing knowledge circulating about how to do it, I believe it’s time the entire picture (to the extent I know it) comes into view.

There’s no way anyone can control the mindset of certain groups of Pagans and Wiccans (and worse) who are out there playing around with spells and energies, using them to get revenge on ex-husbands and boyfriends.  They know enough to do it, but not nearly enough to respect it.  Kids playing with loaded firearms.

I know a man of some fame and repute for doing many positive energy tasks, healing, and much teaching, who’s also an energy ‘hit man’.  When a particularly despicable homicide happens, say, to a child, and when the authorities can’t do anything about it, he locates the perpetrator by passive methods, then simply ‘goes down and removes the life energy’ of the killer.

(It’s not me doing this, so I don’t have to figure out what opinion I have about his choice to use his capabilities this way.  Though you’d probably recognize his name, he ain’t advertising that piece of his action.)


This blog entry is too long.

How about this:

Consider that last bit as the end of an entry.  Take a break.  Go outdoors a while and ponder.  When you return you’ll find another entry just below.  A shorter one that doesn’t tax the attention span of blogsters.

If you don’t believe me, just take a peek.

It’s there already for when you return.

(Continued tomorrow instead– Jeanne)

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