Practical, changes through energy work, good, bad and ugly: (part two)

Almost every culture in human history has been well aware of energy-force manipulation potential by humans.  They’ve recognized both the positive, and the negative applications as well as the ‘choice’ factor by the person using the energy.  Some modern cultures still do.

  • Not more than two decades have passed since the last ‘witch’ was killed by unanimous community consent on the Zuni Rez.
  • Five, or so, years ago a school bus full of Zuni youngsters on a field trip across Din’e lands were thrown into such a state of terror upon sighting a Navajo ‘Skin-Walker’, that several had to be hospitalized.
  • One of the darker, unspoken secrets in Navajo country during the last generation is the growing epidemic of ‘Skin-Walkers’, proliferating throughout the Rez.  Why it’s happening remains a mystery because most Navajo won’t even speak of it among themselves, except in whispers.
  • On the Din’e Rez a violated piece of sacred ground of the Old Ones, near Nageezi, which happens to include a roadway intesection, has been the scene of more Navajo deaths than any place since the Trail of Tears to Bosque Redondo in 1864.  Din’e families continue to use it and continue to die there, despite the fact it only needs cleansing by an energy worker and removal of certain artifacts to another, similarly sacred piece of earth elsewhere.  Why?  Because the Din’e have lost too many pieces of the song of life to trust anything anymore.  What once was simple is now beyond understanding.

However, what interests me most is purely practical application of energy to positive ends based on a value system almost everyone professes to embrace, though few practice what they preach.  Either as nations, or as individuals.

I was leading into some thoughts of other applications of energy work, more imaginative than that of the ‘hit man’, unarguably positive on a much broader scale based on reduction of capabilities for the application of physical force.

This entry’s getting a bit long, but if there’s interest, maybe I’ll discuss it more in some later entry.

Best to you,



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