Ask Old Jules: God Speaks, End of World, Is Life Cheap, Racism/Bigotry

Harper, TX 2010 123

Old Jules, do you believe that GOD speaks through others?

If so, God speaks through too many others to allow any sense to be made of it.

Old Jules, what would you do if the world was going to end in 10 minutes?

Scratch the cats behind the ears, put on Leonard Cohen singing ‘Closing Time’ and go outdoors with a pair of binoculars to see whether I can spot some Christians being raptured out.

Old Jules, why is human life not cheap?

It’s cheap sometimes. Cambodia for a while, the Stalin era gulags, Spain during the Inquisition, Hitler’s camps, the Mongol invasion, the 100 year war in Europe, China during the Japanese invasion and later during Mao’s Cultural Revolution.
If it’s not cheap where you are not it’s because you are lucky in time and place.

Old Jules, what is the most interesting thing you know?

That there’s no relationship between knowing something and it being true.

Old Jules, ever fallen in love with the IDEA of love?

I believe you’ve identified one of those rarely recognized differences between women and men, as generic creatures [keeping in mind there are exceptions to the stereotypes].
Women, almost all women, do.
Men don’t.

Old Jules, aside from death and taxes, what else do you think is bound to happen in life?

Any time you find a used wheel barrow for sale it will have a flat tire.

Old Jules, what’s the difference between racism and bigotry?

Racism is just a particular manifestation of a larger human mental trait, bigotry. Bigotry exists more-or-less universally among humans, though they deny it for the most part and only recognize it in others than themselves.

Old Jules, what about you has inspired another? Has anyone made a gesture, read a book you recommended, voted differently because of you?

In 1967, I had a DUMP JOHNSON ’68 bumper-sticker on my Nash Metropolitan. Johnson heard about it and decided not to run again.

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