Growing cojones as a means to end discrimination

Jack wrote this in March, 2006:

Hi blogsters:

I’ve been reading a number of blogs and having my mind boggled.

Seems there’s a lot of whining going on in a lot of areas, but imprisonment is a major one:

  • Blacks rightfully noting that the prisons are mostly full of blacks, wanting something to be done about that,
  • Hispanics believing Hispanics, particularly illegals, are profiled and targeted for more searches than other groups and not getting a fair shake in the court-system because they’re Hispanics,
  • Native Americans doing a LOT of whining because a lot of them are in prison for reasons they consider unjust,
  • Muslims concerned something similar to WWII Japanese American camps will emerge if there’s more terrorism in the US,
  • Political dissenters being concerned they’re the next target.

I’ve got some news for you, brothers and sisters.  This isn’t an ethnic problem.  It isn’t a religious problem.  It isn’t even a political dissent problem.

This is a problem of a criminal justice system left the pavement and gone airborne.

You blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, political dissenters, Muslims, those prisons are also full of whites and Asians.  If this is going to be stopped you have to begin to realize there’s no percentage to fragmentation…  strength is in unity.

To end this prison problem we have to quit sending people there.  Those juries aren’t all white.  Many include several ethnic groups with whites as a minority.

All it takes to keep a fellow American out of jail is one jury member of any race, religion or ethnic group to say NOT GUILTY.  Period.

If you blacks, whites, Hispanics, Muslims, Native Americans want this problem solved you’re going to have to start saying NO, one at a time.

You’re going to have to say NOT GUILTY

  • when that woman is being tried for selling herself on the street, whether she’s guilty or ain’t, whatever her race.
  • When that man who got caught with a packet in his pocket or a bale of jade in the trunk of his car comes before you.  Regardless of his skin color.
  • When anyone comes before you as a jury member for any victimless crime.
  • And you’re going to have to keep on saying it no matter what the other jury members think about it.

And when a cop, a judge, an attorney comes before you

  • accused of manipulating evidence,
  • planting evidence,
  • lying on the witness stand,

you are going to have to say GUILTY and hang on to it until the other jurors agree with you so they can go home, or there’s a hung jury.

When a cop comes before you for

  • beating the hell out of someone in custody,
  • raping him/her,
  • killing him/her,

you are going to have to say GUILTY and tell the judge you recommend the maximum sentence.

When you have a friend, a relative, a co-worker serving on a jury for a victimless crime, explain to them you’re going to spit in their lunch, give them a dose of clap, put a black-widow spider in their desk drawer if they vote to convict.

As for other matters involving religion or politics, there’s time to deal with that when the time comes.

But for now, prove you have a brain bigger than a walnut.

Start looking past your own skin color, religion, ethnicity, and develop enough cojones to fucking say NO.



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