Bonfire of the vanities

Jack wrote this in June, 2006:

Morning blogsters:

It’s been a while.  I’ve done a lot of reflecting over the past month, or so, listening to the ground, the wind, the dry.

I generally thought nothing much could surprise me anymore, but I was wrong.  Even knowing we’re in what will someday be known as the Post-Constitutional Era, I’m still surprised.

If there’s any truth to the various blog-feeds, the western governments are tuning up for a war with Iran.  Evidently it’s an open secret involving firm plans to re-institute the draft in the US, round up those who protest, and creating all manner of tomfoolery a person ought to be able to confidently not expect from his government.

According to infowarnews (Yahoo) groups, the plan’s to generate a lot of phony terrorist scares this summer to get the juices flowing in the cattle before they begin drafting their sons.

Crazy times we live in, a sleeping, complacent public, a news media cheer-leading for the party in power and the flag-wavers doing their job.

But, I don’t think it will fly:

  • If infowarnews knows what’s happening, so does Iran.
  • The public might well sit by watching an all-volunteer military get itself shot up, but they’ll take a different view when it’s their own sons and daughters coming home in bags.
  • We’ve come about as far with this Presidential War thing as we dare, it seems to me.  When we began those after WWII, they had a sort of logic, though it didn’t hold water for protracted wars… immediate response capability appeared to be needed when the Russkies and ourselves were aiming ICBMs at one another.  But that’s all over.  When the 900th son or daughter spills blood on Persian soil for reasons no one understands, someone’s probably going to remember the US Constitutional requirement that wars are supposed to be declared by the US Congress.


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