Crystal tapping


Jack wrote this in February, 2006:

Morning blogsters:

Yesterday someone asked in the comments about practical ways a person who’s beginning can get a start with energy work.

I suggested practicing with a pendulum as one means for getting the mind into the right place.  Here’s another:

I’d recommend sitting down in a relaxed position when you do this.  Choose a time when you don’t have anything demanding to be done for about an hour.

Hold a double-terminated crystal in your fist and ‘listen’ to it a while.  When you begin to feel a buzzing sensation, hold the crystal cradled between your thumb and third finger.  Tap on it with your index finger, still ‘listening’.

If something begins happening immediately, stop when the sensation reaches your shoulder.  Wait a few minutes before deciding whether to continue.

If nothing happens, try it again daily for a while.

It’s one of the ways of training yourself to ‘tune in’.

  • Learning anything comes easier to some people than it does for others.  Each of us tends to have affinities and talents in some areas, math, music, whatever, than we might in, say, art.  Metaphysics is no different in that regard.
  • I used to belong to the Digital Dowser group.  Hundreds of people belong to the list.  Newcomers frequently want instruction on how to begin.
  • The old-timers tell them about strings and washers, tell them a few other elementary aspects of dowsing, but in the end they also say, “Practice! Practice! Practice.”
  • You might turn out to be a natural.  Every step you might find you make three more without any help.  Happens with many people.
  • But if you aren’t you can still learn the hard way, the same way most people have to learn.  Practice and determination.
  • While you’re learning you might consider checking used book stores, or your library for a good translation of the I Ching…. Wu Wei is a good one to start because it gives detailed explanations about the process of separating the yarrow stalks  (use soda straws, skewers, whatever).  Practice that, too.
  • You might find it helpful, also, to detach yourself from the daily ‘anger fix’  you might be getting by keeping too close a watch on the world news.  The war lovers and king worshipers needn’t apply when it comes to energy work.  Anger places a finite limit on progress toward these ends.

Energy work isn’t a single series of steps, walking down a line until you reach the end, and “Voila!” you’re an energy worker.   Knowledge and information never ceases to come in if you’re listening.  I’ve been doing it more years than I’d care to tell, and every day I still learn something new.


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