43 and a great pick

Jack wrote this in April, 2005, when he was studying the behavior patterns of lottery numbers:

This is the great pick. (Note: Sorry, can’t locate the photo of the pick- Jeanne)

 It was found in a collapsed tool shed in the Zuni Mountains, handle intact, though it had been hidden there at least 50 years and maybe 75 or longer.

It’s Bowdil 6-10, an extremely unusual tool.  Has an axe handle instead of the usually cylindrical handle found on picks, replacable tips, so’s the man using it can wear them out with impunity.  The man who once owned this amazingly high quality tool managed to break it completely out of the handle (see the vertical weld along the left side – there’s a similar one on the flip side), but valued it high enough to weld it back together.

You don’t see picks like this one much anymore.  Certainly not on Power Ball or Mega Millions.

So. What do we really know about 43? We actually know quite a lot.

For beginners, we know that despite all that pink and her preference for black lace undergarments, 43 is not a lady. She prefers to hang out with low company, the Power Ball draws, far more than with the highbrow Mega Millions cliques.

We know she’s a bit promiscuous, though she’s maintained a long-term, if intermittent relationship with a few rangy specimens such as 15, 18, 32, 34, 26, 46, 47, and 48, all of whom are known to hang around in biker bars, covering the political spectrum from anarchist to pink.

We know she’s something of a racist, repudiating the Red Ball flamboyance when she’s able, though she doesn’t mind putting on the dog with her friends, 31, 34, and 26 have come into a bit of unexpected cash and want to whoop it up a bit in the Red Ball Saloon.

We know that, while she doesn’t frequent any date consistently, lately she’s been putting her two-bits in on the 22nd and that in the past she’s done the same on the 26th, the 12th, the 3rd, and the 17th.

We know she recently made a trip to  Georgia, where she was seen in familiar company.

All in all, I’d look for her to dance a bit more when she shows up again.

But don’t make the mistake of believing she’s a lady, despite all that pink and the black lace underwear.



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