No Fences to Mend

Jack wrote this in May, 2005:

Someone recently observed on one of the threads on the Mystical Forum that the users of this lottery numbers site are desperate to win, frightfully gullible and therefore unable to make discerning judgments.  They’ll believe just about anything, declares he.

The poster further opined that this shortage of good sense on the part of the users made the presence of erudite hecklers and naysayers a laudable characteristic of the site, applauding one such poster as a ‘lottery police patrol’.

Naturally I agree.

I can think of nothing more inviting on a Mystical Forum than encouraging a cadre of erudite self-appointed non-believers and self-styled thought police to kibitz from the sidelines with subtle sneers and innuendo about the various comments, people and issues of the threads.

An infallible prescription for success, thinks I.

Helping all those folks who think they can predict numbers by astrology, dreams, psychic tools, understand they are damned fools for thinking so is just helping them get back inside the fences, doing them a favor.

As a man who’s flown an airplane under a bridge just for the hell of it, bet his retirement and a career that Y2K would happen with a full understanding that it was all or nothing, that a new career at this time of life would be a almost out of the question, a man who’s burned up a small fortune, several 4x4s and a multitude of lady friends chasing a lost gold mine, a man who can heal a case of C Hepatitis in a person a thousand miles away whom I’ve never met and get her off the liver transplant list, I’m your man.

I’m a prime candidate to believe I can do just about anything and willing to believe just about anything.

What jackanapes non-believers choose to believe has no bearing on my life.  I wouldn’t change a single minute of mine, not one electron of brain function that allows me to believe life’s to be lived and that every human being has limitless capabilities.

I’ve been hopping fences all my life.


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