Jack wrote this in June, 2005:

Splosh splosh.

I wash my clothes in the bathtub here.  Got a pretty fair system worked out that I’ve been using since the cabin days and Y2K.  I run water into the tub, soap, and use a commode plunger dedicated exclusively for the washing of clothes to agitate them until I’m tired of doing it.  Then I put them into a couple of five gallon buckets with holes in them and let them drain off most of their water while I haul buckets of soapy water out to the front flower bed so the water isn’t completely wasted.

Then I pour them back into the tub and run a rinse, repeating the process.

Worked pretty well, until tonight.

I first sensed there was a problem when a cat came from the the back taking a step, shaking a paw, taking another step, shaking another paw, licking the tops of feet, making faces, shaking the paws some more.

Then I remembered I’d started running rinse water into the tub of clothes an hour or so ago….. jumped into the kitchen and fell spang on my arse as I tried to mount the two steps leading to the back of the house….kersplash my trousers hit half an inch of water and I skid feet-first up against the steps.


I ease back there barefoot, wincing as I splash through the water submerging the makeshift electrical cord I run into the bathroom to get lights there because the 75 year old wiring inside the adobe walls shorts out on the ceiling wires…..  but I don’t get the satisfaction of electrocuting my carcass and having the neighbors discover my body when the water gets out to the street along about July 20.

Yep.  Those clothes are good and rinsed.

Water running under all the bookcases, melting the adobe interior walls that were already crumbling.

I’m wondering do I need to give all those trowsers, shirts, shorts and socks another rinse.

Meanwhile, got Mexican rugs, saddle blankets, old torn but still good enough to wear to work outdoors shirts soaking the water off the concrete floor, but I’m thinking most will soak through the cracks if I give it a while.

Come morning I’ll hang out all those rugs and saddle blankets and give it another shot at a rinse.


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