Something that came to mind

Jack wrote this in June, 2005:

aye’ made a comment on this blog a couple of entries ago that I’ve been thinking about some. Comment was an observation obliquely involving focus.

Brought to mind something I saw a few years ago over an extended period, sort of fits.

The hottest blackjack dealer I’ve ever seen was a young man who looked straight ahead, watched the whole table out of the corners of his eyes, peripheral. He didn’t want to be hot. It killed his tips when he emptied the table and filled the tray with player chips. Almost every new dealer is hot for a few months, but this kid dealt for two years, remained hot as a two-dollar pistol.

Well, I got to be on pretty good terms with him…. he was a Laguna, and I had some interests on tribal lands ‘way off south on the Rez, so we made a trip or two together, but talking about his ‘hot’ problem. He didn’t know what to make of it.

There are some not-too-generally-known ‘psi’ practices that also involve doing just about what he was doing to make things happen…. looking at things out of the ‘corner-of-your-eye-of-the-mind’.

I’d wondered if maybe that wasn’t what he was doing without knowing it.

So I suggested that he try just allowing his eyes to wander over the table and cut out that staring straight ahead thing he did.

It brought immediate improvement…. he started losing about the right amount, same as other dealers.

Then he did something stupid coincidental with his having to pee into a bottle a few days later on a random test and lost his job.

Nice kid, though.


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