Ask Old Jules: Ethics and Morals, Why is America Great, and Loving Yourself


Old Jules, what are your thoughts about ethics and morals?

If I happened to be a Christian, which I’m not, I’d be searching around for an analogy to contrast ethics and morals.

I’d probably offer the first four books of the NT as an example of a rudimentary ethical code codified by the reports of those around him of the words, intents and behaviors of Jesus. I’d go on then to label everything Saul of Tarsus and his gang added to create the doctrinalization, hierarchy, the ‘what-he-intended-to-convey’ side of it all as an attempt to create a moral platform within the overall context of the first four books.

As for my own moral code:

1] Specifics over generalities
2] Personal loyalties over abstractions enshrined in law, nationalism, patriotism, religion
3] Trust, but never believe
4] Follow the gut, not the gonads
5] Belly up to the bar whether they’re serving beer or horse-piss.

Old Jules, isn’t one of the greatest things about America that you don’t have to worry about special interests extra-judiciously and maliciously coercing you into silence instead of pursuing you justly through a court system?

No. One of the greatest things about America is that the Chinese have bought up so much of our national debt. Some other good things about America are the auto parts houses and the fact you can buy a bread-making machine at a thrift store for five bucks. Another great thing about America is that people can go their whole lives without ever seeing anything they eat while it was alive, which allows them to feel smug if they don’t eat meat but eat eggs produced by factory-farmed chickens spending their whole lives inside a 2′ wire cubes.

Old Jules, why is it important to love yourself?

Making yourself someone you can love and respect requires a lot of work and a lot of courage. There’s no way you can make anyone else someone you can love and respect, so the only building materials available to bring love into your life involve those you can mold within yourself.

2 responses to “Ask Old Jules: Ethics and Morals, Why is America Great, and Loving Yourself

  1. Miss him. When was the date of his passage, Jeanne? Cheers

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