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Bad Moon Rising

Jack wrote this in March, 2006:

Morning blogsters:

Actually that old moon isn’t bad at all, and she ain’t rising.  She’s maybe 30, 40 degrees above the western horizon this pre-dawn.  I just had the old Creedence Clearwater Revival song going through my head and figured I’d remind you of it, see if I could get it going through yours.

Rooster’s crowing down in the village, though it’s too early for that.  Likely the villagers piddling around getting ready for the day has the chickens fooled.  I’d really never thought of it before this moment, but in a human packed environment, even one as remote and relatively unpacked as this one, a chicken probably has some problems getting his head on straight and eeking out a night’s sleep.

Still haven’t made up my mind whether to find a few chicks this spring.  I love having them around, but it offers me challenges I don’t need when dogs, coyotes and other predators begin stalking them.  I’m not big on possessions, but while I don’t precisely ‘own’ my cats and whenever possible, chickens, I do take care of them, offer them shelter and food and friendship.  Hospitality that gets me riled when some outsider, be it canine, feline, bird of prey or human, threatens my guests.

Sometimes when I remember how much I came to admire those Y2K chickens, how much I came to value their friendship I’m still surprised.  I’ve had quite a number of human friends I valued more, but not as many as a person might expect.

More later,


Edited in later:

Moon’s still high enough to take advantage of it.  Red-gold moon.

Noticed one of the large water bowls for the felines was empty…. they paced and stomped around the dry water-hole fussing…. telling me about it.  Even though there was another with plenty in it across the room.  So I drew a quart or two and poured it in.

Suddenly that new water was a threat.  Had to be sneaked up on and sniffed carefully before losing interest entirely without so much as a tease of the tongue.

Humans in cat form is what they are.  Humans without all the complications.  So, like humans, they create their own.