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Ask Old Jules: Incarnating with lessons, Who goes on a spaceship when earth is destroyed, How the world is not working perfectly

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NOTE FROM JEANNE: I’ll be offline for a week or so, heading out to the wilderness to commune with pack rats and sunsets and the Milky Way. I’ll catch up with comments when I get back!

Old Jules, do we incarnate with specific lessons to learn as I frequently hear in spiritual circles?

I personally believe we do. The reason I think so [or one of the reasons] is that we learn from hardships and don’t learn from ease. A good case can be made that life is about challenges, going into them or avoiding them as a matter of self definition.

But I happen to also be convinced that what we don’t do this time around we’ll do next, or the next or the next. And what we do manage isn’t an escape because there’ll be more, just as growth-oriented and probably just as difficult whatever we might get done this time.

In my view this provides the strongest possible incentive to face challenges and do what growing we’re able, even if it’s not rewarded with something easier, but at least something different.

Old Jules, if earth was going to be destroyed and only option left to design a spaceship…? If earth was going to be destroyed within a year and only option left was to construct a large spaceship let’s say all countries came together and it was technologically and financially feasible to construct self-sustaining spaceships for just 2000 people, which people do you think should be on it? and how should the people be chosen?

2000 fertile women along with viable sperm from men with courage, mechanical abilities, intelligence and achievement in fields of literature, philosophy, science and math. No sperm from politicians, bankers, shoe salesmen, hamburger flippers, lawyers, cops, or stockbrokers.

Old Jules, in what ways is the world not working perfectly?

The moon wanders around badly in its orbit and people who don’t speak Hindi use the Hindi word ‘Namaste’ to elevate themselves in the eyes of others.