Ask Old Jules: Nature of reality, 10 happiest songs, This funny, imperfect world, What is Love?

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Old Jules, what do you think about this idea about the nature of reality? My question is: If in dreams we “create” a new ephemeral fragmented reality from a more real reality, could this reality be a dream we’re all having from a more perfect reality? Like there’s another reality more real than this one and there we sleep for some years having this dream, and when we die we just wake up there?

We’ve got a lot to learn about dreams. Everything sentient probably has them. Certainly animals from chickens upward do, and when they’re dreaming their brains believe dreams are real enough to cause physical response. My personal thought these days is that the dreaming mind is responding to a different reality than the conscious mind responds to. Lately I’ve been thinking of it within the context of a hologram and something akin to a computerized flight simulator as one of several analogies. Consider the pilot in command flying by visual flight rules [VFR] and responding to what’s available to the five senses within the hologram. But when he takes a break and hands it over to the co-pilot, the co-pilot’s only able to fly by instrument flight rules [IFR]. What the co-pilot sees is a reality communicated, not by the five senses, but by an air-speed indicator, altimeter, rate-of-climb indicater, compass, navigational radios, tach and so on. But the co-pilot interpretes this data into a set of visual phenomena within a hologram, same as the pilot interprets the direct input of five senses into visual phenomena. But that doesn’t exclude what you’ve suggested. There certainly might be alternative realities and the sleeping mind might visit them.

Old Jules, what are your top 10 happiest songs?

Simon & Garfunkel – The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)
Lonnie Donnegan – Jack of Diamonds
Frankie Laine – Cool Water [my pump’s out]
Righteous Brothers – Rock and Roll Heaven
Nat King Cole – Stardust
Roy Acuff – Wabash Cannonball
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
Merrilee Rush & the Turnabouts – Angel of the Morning
We’ll Sing In The Sunshine- Gale Garnett
Artie Shaw- Begin The Beguine

Old Jules, I need funny reasons why our world is imperfect?

The north pole refuses to be north despite the fact it’s centered on the spin axis. Every compass in the world points to a place a few degrees off north where the magnetic north pole is located. As if that weren’t bad enough, the magnetic north pole wanders around like a drunken sailor, moving a few miles every year. Then there’s the duckbill platypus. Don’t get me started on the duckbill platypus.

Old Jules, what is Love and why is the word so misused?

Commerce. Love is big business. It sells songs, sells jewelry, sells roses, sells movies. It also provided a rhetorical lever for religions and doctrines. Preachers, gurus, motivational speakers, writers and candy kisses manufacturers all love love in different ways. Patriots love loving patriotism, gun lovers love loving guns, fanatics love loving fanaticism, car lovers love loving cars, bankers and brokers love loving money and morticians love loving corpses and mourners. And most of all, women love love.

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