Ask Old Jules: Love during war, Why God created us, Born loony, What is freedom, Proud to be an American

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Old Jules, how can love help you through war?

Hitler had Eva Braun. Assuming they loved one another she probably provided him solace during the retreat in the East and up until the fall of Berlin. Maximillian of Mexico had his lady who provided him support and solace until she returned to Austria, whereupon she sent him letters of love until he went before a firing squad. Abe Lincoln had Mary Todd to provide him love and support during the Great War of Secession and have seances in the White House until John Wilkes Booth intervened in the Ford Theater. Eisenhower had his lady jeep driver who provided him solace during the hardships of the war in Europe. FDR had his lady-on-the-side to provide him support and solace when Eleanor was busy during the dark years of the War in the Pacific.

Old Jules, why did GOD create us?

The motives of a deity would depend entirely on the nature of the creature. The motives for an ambiguous deity to create mankind are entirely matters of conjecture, but the nature, traits, activities of mankind might offer hints.

Old Jules, was you born loony with a smile?

Bull goose loony and the smile was real, though crooked.

Old Jules, what is freedom? what is associated with it?

Divorce, death, solvency, heavier than air flight, lighter than air flight, antimatter, OBEs, bankruptcy, shredders, ex-patriots, meditation.

Old Jules, why should I be proud to be an American?

If you’re proud to be an American it’s probably because you’re devoid of anything else to be proud of and feel an inadequacy in the form of a hole that needs filling.

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