Daily Archives: October 1, 2021

Time for a national lottery

Jack wrote this in September, 2005. It had several photos interspersed, but I don’t know which ones, sorry.

We’ve got to generate more tax revenues, or think of something else.  Americans probably aren’t ready for this.

So a national lottery would be a good place to start.

First game is a clone of Euro Millions, twin sister who walks like it, talks like it, pays off tax-free like it, lump sum only.

Revenues go entirely for a National Disaster Relief Fund, and to the US Veteran Hospitals.

Tickets sold in post offices and at every Federal Office Building in America, Indian Reservations, anywhere the Feds have a toe-hold outside State jurisdiction.

Lots of potential here.

Later games can be provided to allow war lovers to vote with their pocket books to fund whatever war we happen to be fighting at any given time.  When the fund runs out, the troops come home, so the war lovers and patriots can pay for the war themselves, and when they get tired of paying, they’ll quit buying tickets.

Gives new meaning to the word, ‘fair’.  The people who don’t support the war, but haven’t been asked, don’t have to support it.  Those citizens who just love it to death can have their war and maybe win a big prize, besides.

Remember where you heard it first.