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Ask Old Jules: Misc. ?’s, Scientific method, Using the Holocaust to promote decency, What will the 21st Century will be known as?

Mandala Back Up CD2 238

Old Jules, how happy is your life?

My life is happy. Tough, but fair, I smilingly tells myself frequently.

Old Jules, what is your purpose in life?

Getting through it. Life’s come close to killing me dozens of times during the last 70 years and if it keeps up it’s liable to get me.

Old Jules, how do you use the scientific method in your own life?

Experimenting with various recipes for bread Experimenting with different varieties of plants in the garden most suited to this soil and these climate conditions Experimenting with sound, mainly music, as a method of confusing target identification for owls to keep them off the guineas sleeping in the trees and the cats. Experimenting with various breeds of poultry to find the hybrids most suited for free ranging, egg production, survival and reproduction Experimenting to find ways to prepare prickly pear cactus for feeding to poultry to reduce feeding costs. to name a few.

Old Jules, how can we use the Holocaust to promote decency?

We can recognize from the context of the times and the aftermath that governments are vulnerable to succumbing to genocide for many reasons. Some are ethnic, some are criminality, some are political. The French Carib death camps until the beginning of WWII, the USSR gulag, the German Holocaust, the Cambodian genocide, Nigerian genocide, the Armenian genocide and others of the 20th Century are all a piece of the same fabric.

Old Jules, what will the 21st century be known as?

The Century of Asian Emergence and World Dominance