Ask Old Jules: Modern Technology stops, A beautiful spirit, Favorite quote, Blank book title, Why aren’t more men feminist?

3.22.03 and back ups 1098

Old Jules, what would happen if all modern day technology were to suddenly stop working?

Public water supplies and sewage treatment facilities gone, transportation facilities for food gone, refrigeration gone. One week: half the population dead One month: 3/4 the population dead Six months: Scattered small communities starving, but getting by near lakes in warm climates

Old Jules, what do you think it means to have a beautiful spirit?

It means your spirit resembles that of a jellicle cat.

Old Jules, what is your most favorite quote ever?

Lyndon Johnson when told about the successful launch of Explorer I [the first US object into orbit]: “A basketball that goes ‘beep’? The only thing I want to hear about a basketball that goes beep is that someone threw one into the men’s room in the Kremlin!”

Old Jules, what would be a good title for a book with blank pages?

Everything You Need to Know for a Bachelors Degree in Education and a Teaching Certificate

Old Jules, why aren’t more men feminist?

I was married 25 years to a woman who was a pioneer in 1960s-forward feminism of the reality variety. She struggled her way up in her profession until she was at the top, had a thousand-or-so male and female professionals working for her. Smartest woman I’ve ever known. One of her favorite observations about later young feminists was that if women ever want to get anywhere in life and be at all happy or content they’re going to have to cease being their own worst enemies. They’re going to have to quit superimposing current values on the past as a means of seeing themselves as victims. Blaming men for their troubles is a waste and it’s disgustingly self-defeating.

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