She never met a war she didn’t like

Jack wrote this in September, 2005:

Ah, America.  Her founders, the framers of her Constitution deliberately tried to make it difficult for her to go to war.  They recognized that sometime there’d be the need, but they also recognized that the wishes of the President might sometimes differ from the wishes of the citizenry, as regards to war.

So they created a Constitution to allow for the need for war, but gave the responsibility for defining and solidifying that need to the directly elected representatives of the people.

Those framers knew.  About kings.

What they didn’t know was that the day would come when Americans no longer venerated the US Constitution they’d created.

They couldn’t predict a population so warlike they’d allow a president to usurp their work, a population who’d cheer a king for his wars, instead  of fighting his scorn for the Constitutional process.

America.  Cheering her kings, sending her young men off to war for half a century into more wars than any other nation in the world.  No war too small to justify another hocker onto the graves of those framers of the US Constitution.  No gunfire anywhere too small to burn a little more of the document Americans used to venerate.

Poor America.  The nation without a Constitution.  The democracy without a representative government.

And for half a century she never met a war she didn’t like.


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