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Delusions of somethingorother- Young Frankenstein

Jack wrote this in October, 2006:

Evening blogsters:

Watched a VCR of the old Mel Brooks movie, Young Frankenstein yesterday.  Hadn’t seen that one in a generation or more, but was delighted to see it still moves to the music.  Hilarious.

Marty Feldman probably had his best role ever in this one, as Igor.  But he had strong competition.  None of the leading roles came up short of the mark.  Cloris Leachman was Cloris Leachman at her best.  Madelein Kahn had her best role outside Blazing Saddles.  Gene Wilder never did a bad job on a movie and this is no exception.

If you haven’t watched this classic in a while I’d recommend it.  If you have, watch it anyway in deference to, to, to the season, to humankind, to all that’s lovely and admirable in this best of all possible worlds.