Wednesday morning

Jack wrote this in October, 2005:


Morning blogsters:

It’s a good morning for gratitude affirmations.  Every day’s good for that, but this one holds some particularly thorny challenges, making it a better candidate than most.

Aside from having a nest of dragons to fight, it’s a good day.  Gonna be a good day.  I’m grateful for it, grateful for those particular dragons, the particulars making up the ten, or so, things I’m going to remind myself to be grateful for, and figure out reasons why.

Additionally, this morning I’m gonna throw in some other kinds of affirmations so’s to remind myself that we’re all just a bunch of flawed humans, that I’m no exception, that we’re all just stumbling along making a lot of wrong turns and occasionally running red lights.  And that I’m no exception.  That anger is a destroyer of the soul of the host, that the damage is internal, not external.  That it’s a responsibility each of us carries to cleanse ourselves of anger, else it will damage, maybe destroy us.

Yep, I’ll have to spend some time on that one.

Other news:

Predawn cat fight between one of mine and one of someone else’s got my juices flowing…. They hadn’t finished their business, and they felt cheated, resentful having a human being interfere.

One of the cats got an unusual bird, left the wings, crop and legs/feet on the porch as a trophy.  Looks like a small hawk or owl from the wings, but no talons.  Dunno.

That’s about it here, this fine morning I’m grateful to be alive in.


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