Update and a few quotes from Jack

Jack in Placitas with Tabby

Hello, readers, you are few in number, but faithful! I appreciate you.
The update is that I am finally working on getting these blog posts into book form. I decided to put them in chronological order, so at the moment, I’m putting posts from 2005 into one book. After a lot of sorting and checking on spelling, punctuation, and formatting, I have the Table of Contents and the text ready. I’ll need an introduction and then I’ll be looking at designing a cover, adding other information pages that need to be inserted, and then looking at how to actually upload it to Lulu.com, which is where it will be available for print-on-demand. This first volume has around 213 pages. I have sorted the blog files in order for 2006 and other years, and if I can get 2005 right, I’ll work on the others.
Retirement feels really good. I’ve also been painting more watercolors, but I can’t work on the painting and text preparation at the same time. But for now, I am doing okay, and I hope you are, too.

I found a few quotes from Jack that aren’t in the blog, so I thought I’d share:

Human beings frequently believe they understand without actually knowing anything. On the other hand, they also frequently believe they know without really knowing anything. It’s probably possible to understand, either without knowing, or knowing something that isn’t true. The sequence most likely isn’t important. What’s probably a lot more important is the recognition that a lot of what we know doesn’t have anything to do with anything akin to reality and that understanding it stands a middling good chance at being flawed, as well.

You can’t get free from one perception of reality or another. You can, however, alter, mitigate and mold the reality that exists for you as an individual by choosing your priorities, values, and perspectives to something more akin to what you want out of life.

I try not to have any expectations and just ride the roller coaster. It’s all good. Even the bad and the ugly. Takes a long while to realize that for most of us, but whatever you become it will be because of the growth that came from the bad and the ugly. The good is just for break-time.

Hope you have a good week,


2 responses to “Update and a few quotes from Jack

  1. Thank you for touching base and categorizing Jack’s wisdom posts. Also, I love the photo.

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