Ask Old Jules: Courtly love, Soul-mate vs. dream guy, Is hell other people, Concept of fairness, Evidence for no evidence of God?

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Old Jules, could the most virtuous life be lived with courtly love for women? If so, where does the gay man fit in?

The interactions between the genders have always been decided on a trial-and-error basis. Courtly love for women was one of the ways that ‘worked’ for both for a time within a range of circumstances. But it was never practiced precisely in the ways suggested by romance novels. The dark underbelly of the courtly love for women was male dominance in home affairs, patronization, condescension, under a shroud of elaborate manners disguised as deference. Women as a genre chose a different route for the current experiment. Women in the workplace had a lot to do with it. But some obviously miss the ideal they believe once existed and many would faint for a dozen long-stemmed roses, candlelight dinners, walks in moonlight, and file sexual harassment charges against a man who kissed the tip of their fingers or opened a door for them. The two behaviors by men and desires by women are difficult to reconcile. Gays don’t fit the picture at all so far as I can discern. Nor does any concept of virtue.

Old Jules, I’m confused, do I settle for my soul-mate or my dream guy?

Your soul mate is just another flash drive on the same hub as you. Your dream guy is feedback from some other flash drive bleeding over while you defrag. Short term you’re better off with the dream guy, but over the long haul the soul mate is the better bet because you don’t need to be defragging so much.

Old Jules, do you agree that “Hell is other people”?

I don’t agree. Other people might be hell for themselves, but they’re mostly just plodding along trying to find their way as I’ve done throughout my life. They’re important to themselves. They aren’t important to me in a way they could ever become hell, heaven, happiness, sadness or anything similarly distracting.

Old Jules, do you play fair? Is the word “fair” even realistic?

Nice question. Seems to me the word “fair” is possibly the most self-righteously deceptive, egocentric, meaningless word in the English language.

Old Jules, where is the evidence that there is not a single piece of evidence for the existence of God?

I tend to agree with you that no evidence exists that something a person might choose to label a deity is not involved in the workings of the universe, if I’m reading you correctly. In fact, I believe there’s a plethora of recognizable and undeniable evidence that something that might be construed as a deity has a piece of the action. It’s illogical as hell for anyone to say there’s not a single piece of evidence, IMO.

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