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Defending our borders – a different alternative

Jack wrote this in September, 2006:

I’ve been thinking about the 700 mile fence thing, wondering whether it’s a good idea, or a bad one.  I finally decided it’s a good one, but that it’s not being implemented in, perhaps, the best way.My own state, for instance, New Mexico, has thrice had to defend the borders by force of arms.

  • First, from invaders from the (then) Republic of Texas, 1841.
  • Next from the invading forces of General Kearney, US Army.  (Lost that one, which is the reason the former owners are now dubbed, ‘illegal aliens’).
  • Then, after New Mexico, Arizona and California had been persuaded at gunpoint to become territories of the United States, New Mexico had to repel another invasion by Texas Mounted Volunteers early during the Great War of Southern Independence.  New Mexico and Arizona briefly became territories of the Confederacy.  During that time, citizens of the United States were illegal aliens.

As you can imagine, this was cause for some confusion.

The Mescalero, the Chiracahua Apache, the Mimbres Apache,  and the Navajo, seeing it was devil-take-the-hindmost when it came to what belonged to whom, chose that moment to attempt to eject people of Hispanic and Anglo origins, no matter what uniform they wore.  They were sick and tired of illegal aliens.

But, of course, the Mescalero, the Chiracahua, the Navajo and the Texan were herded back into their respective, rightful places at gunpoint, while the Mimbres Apache was urged to seek peace mostly in the afterlife.

Now a new crisis has arisen.

The evil people who originally conquered Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California and lost it fair and square to the heavier artillery and superior marksmanship of the US military keep trying to come back inside, where they’re only wanted under certain limited conditions.  Heavy lifting and dirty hands, mainly.

So, here’s a solution for defending our boundaries that doesn’t involve the boring, hackneyed force-of-arms remedy.

Let’s defend our boundaries by dissolving the United States and applying to Estados Unidos Mexicanos for membership!

By ceasing to be the unanimously despised United States, we’d no longer be targets.  Nobody’s ever considered attacking Mexico (except the United States, the Apache and the Navajo, and, of course, France, but France has since become the forerunner in the vanishing manhood scenario, so there’d be no future danger from them.)

Think of it!  No more fear of terroristsNo more fear of illegal aliensNo more national debtNo more 700 mile fences.  No more foreign wars, because Mexico’s never invaded anyone.  No more Democrats and Republicans.  No more sending all our manufacturing and production jobs off to Mexico.

I think it might just work, and it would shorten the fence that has to be built because of all the coastlines.  Maybe Canada would even join us, so’s the only fence that had to be built would be on the southern border with Guatemala.